Season 1, Episode 2: Lonely Hearts

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Written by David Fury, Directed by James A. Contner

Guest starring Elisabeth Rohm as Kate Lockley, Lillian Birdsell, Obi Ndefo as bartender

Co-starring Derek Hughes as Neil, Johnny Messner as Kevin, Jennifer Tung as Neil pick-up girl, Tracey Stone as pretty girl, David Nisic as slick guy, Ken Rush as guy, Connor Kelly as regular


"I'm just looking for someone to... rescue. Are you maybe in need of some rescuing?" -Angel
"Well, that's the strangest line I'm gonna hear tonight." -Kate

"What are you looking for?" -Angel
"It depends on how many daquiris I've had." -Kate

"A couple hundred years ago, the only thing you had to worry about was a hangover. Today, 'cause of your curse thingy, you can't sleep with anyone or else you might feel a moment of true happiness and lose your soul, become evil, again, and kill everyone." -Cordelia
"Thanks, Cordelia, I always appreciate your perspective." -Angel
"No problem. Hey, the last thing I want is to show up at the office, and find that I'm working for a homicidal monster." -Cordelia

"Well, I'll tell you what. I can go wherever I want, and you can go to hell." -Kate
"Been there, done that." -Angel

"You're telling me you're an investigator?" -Kate
"More or less." -Angel
"Where's your license?" -Kate
"That's the less part." -Angel

"You actually live here?" -Angel
"Yes. Okay? Is it my fault that maid service was interrupted? It was supposed to go, home, hotel, hotel, husband." -Cordelia

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