Season 1, Episode 3: In the Dark

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Written by Douglas Petrie, Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Guest starring Seth Green as Oz, James Marsters as Spike, Kevin West, Malia Mathis

Co-starring Michael Yavnieli as Lenny, Ric Sarabia as vendor, Tom Rosales as Manny the pig, Gil Combs as bouncer, Buck McDancer as dealer, Jenni Blong as young woman


"Quickly! To the Angelmobile! Away!" -Spike

"That's not money in your hand there, darlin', that's mail." -Doyle

"This is Doyle. He, uh, airquote, works here." -Cordelia

"Does he have a hat and gun?" -Oz
"Just fangs." -Cordelia
"Well that works." -Oz

"Why don't you put it on, and here, I'll stake you. It'll be fun!" -Doyle

"So, you and I duke it out, huh? Is this your big strategy for getting the ring back?" -Angel
"I had a plan." -Spike
"You? A plan?" -Angel
"A good plan. Smart. Carefully laid out. But I got bored." -Spike

"Maybe you'll find your way to the kind of love you deserve." -Angel
"You mean the kind that comes without 911 calls?" -Rachel

"Okay, this is not a needle in a haystack. This is a needle in Kansas." -Cordelia

"I don't know about you, but I had a nice day. Y'know, except for the bulk of it where I was nearly tortured to death." -Angel

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