Quotes from The Ring

Cordelia: "Why isn't Wolfram & Hart in here?"
Wesley: "Because they're lawyers, not demons."
Cordelia: "Fine line if you ask me."

Cordelia: "There's some ugly critters in here. Someone oughta create an intra-demon dating-base. Y'know, like arch-fiend.org, where the lonely and the slimy connect."

Jack: "What about Captain America?"

Cordelia: "What is this?"
Wesley: "These Arcadian matches date back to the Roman Empire. I heard rumors there was a revival."
Cordelia: "Well, couldn't they have just done 'West Side Story?'"

Darren: "Let him go."
Angel: "As soon as you let us go."
Darren: "Who do you think you are? Moses?"

Cordelia: "Angel, you don't look so... well, it's a good thing you heal fast."

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