Quotes from Eternity

Angel: "He thought I had a quality."

Cordelia: "Angel's the dark revenger. Only, not too dark, happy dark."

Rebecca: "You're not fond of sunshine."
Angel: "I'm a night person."
Rebecca: "Me too. It makes it easier to hide."

Cordelia: "Just knowing a star makes your life better."

Cordelia: "Judging by the outfit, I guess it's safe to come in. Evil Angel never would have worn those pants."

Rebecca: "According to those, I've slept with Ernest Borgnine and I'm bulimic."
Angel: "I've heard Borgnine's a very skilled lover."

Rebecca: "A toast, to the end of an ending, and the beginning of a beginning."

Rebecca: "Cordelia says you've saved the world."
Angel: "A couple times I helped. But I almost had it sucked into hell once too."

Angel to Rebecca: "Remind me to get the name of your dealer before I kill you."

Rebecca: "You're crazy."
Angel: "No, I'm a vampire."

Angel on Cordelia's acting: "I mean, I've been to hell but that was SO much worse."

Wesley: "You walk a fine line, Angel. I don't envy you."

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