Quotes from War Zone

Cordelia: "I miss that smell."
Wesley: "Camembert, I believe."
Cordelia: "What? No. Money. I like to smell a little money once in a while."
Angel: "She's not just saying that. I hide some in the office sometimes and watch her. It's uncanny."

David: "Are you familiar with dungeons and dragons?"
Angel: "Yeah, I've seen a few."
Wesley: "You mean the role-playing game."
Angel: "Oh, game. Right."

Eddie: "What do you want?"
Angel: "Good question, what do I want. Love, family, a place on this planet I can call my own. But you know what?"
Eddie: "What?"
Angel: "I'm never going to have any of those things. And unless these next few minutes go the way I want them to, neither will you."

Cordelia: "God, twenty minutes ride from billionaires and crab puffs, kids going to war."

Gunn: "I don't need advice from some middle class white dude that's dead."

Angel: "These things hardly ever work. Besides, it was a lot easier and quicker to just... Look, I'm the boss here, I say when we use the cell phones and people are going to die and I have to go."
Cordelia: "You're welcome."

Elonna: "Say goodbye to everything you ever knew."
Gunn: "Goodbye."

Cordelia: "I'm fine here, poor and alone."

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