Synopsis of She

Written by TK

Cordelia has a party in her happy haunted apartment. Wesley is a dancing fool, and eats everything in site. He's particularly pleased by the miniature reuben sandwiches. Angel is his usual gloomy self, and when a charming girl asks him to dance, he has this terrible vision of him making a fool of himself on the dance floor and says no.

The next day in the office, Cordelia tells Angel what a black cloud he was on her party, and Wesley is asking if there are any leftover mini reubens. Angel realizes that Wesley is low on cash, and offers him a regular position at Angel Investigations. As the three are celebrating Wesley's employment, Cordelia has a vision of a burnt corpse at an ice company. Angel and Wesley head down there, and Angel finds the corpse, takes the corpse's business card, and meets a demon (who looks a lot like an alien from Star Trek) who says that he comes from another dimension to stop the thing that burned the guy.

Angel heads back to the office, and sets Wesley and Cordelia to researching this demon and what it is and where it's from, while he goes off to the burned guy's place of business. The burned guy was in security, and Angel finds a purchase order in the office from the ice company. He also finds a beautiful demoness, who easily throws him through a door and takes off. He follows her to the storage room of an art gallery, and she tries to get him go away, but then a portal from the other dimension opens and a pathetic naked young woman comes flying through. The demoness puts a blanket over her, and then a whoe bunch of demon guys burst in and try to capture the women. Angel helps defend them, but the bad demon guys get away with the woman that just came through the portal. They keep referring to her as "it," and asking why "it" keep crying when no one is listening. They clip the little spines on the woman's back.

Angel brings the demoness back to his home, and she tells him that her name is Jera, and she's trying to save the women of her world, who are enslaved. When they become a certain age, the men clip the spines on their back where all their personality and passion is held, so that they are easier to control. If their spines are not clipped, they go through a period of being very hot (temperature-wise) and very hot (irresistible to men) until they learn to control their heat, and then they can be integrated into society. Jera has been running like an underground railroad into this dimension to save the women of her world. Angel says that's all well and good, but people in this world are getting hurt. Cordelia and Wesley told him that there were four such burnings in the last year. Jera says she doesn't care who she hurts to save her people. Angel says he does. Her spines heat up, and Angel is very attracted to her, but still arguing. She stomps off.

Jera shows up at her spa, which is a cover for a place to keep the girls on ice while they learn to deal with their heat. She says to her friendly male human assistant that they're going to have to move the girls in the morning. He says he knows a good place to take them, but they'll have to stay on ice. They're not ready to deal without ice yet.

Cordelia and Wesley figure out that these demons need to eat what is more or less compost, and track the demons down to a huge flower store with a big compost pile. They overhear the demons saying that they've figured out where Jera is hiding the girls, and as soon as they get the clipped one back to the correct dimension, they're heading over there. Wesley and Cordy rush back to tell Angel, who's just getting out of the shower. Angel uses the purchase order he found in the burned guy's office to figure out where the spa is, and shows up there moments before the demons. Cordy and Wesley help move the girls out on ice while Angel and Jera fight off the bad guys. When the truck of ice boxes is loaded, Cordy and Wesley come back to help with the fight, and end up getting captured by bad guys with knives to their throats. The bad guys say either they get the girls, or these humans die. Jera says okay, so the humans die, and takes off. Cordy and Wesley break free, Angel takes care of the rest of the bad guys. Meanwhile, out by the truck, Jera is captured by two more bad guys who attempt to clip her spines. Angel comes out and saves her just in time, and she drives off with the truck full of women.

Jera comes back to Angel's office the next day to say thank you. He tries to urge her not to harm anymore humans... he admires her fight, but she has to take other lives into account. She says, yeah, whatever, and walks off with her spines glowing.

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