Synopsis of I've Got You Under My Skin

Written by TK

In a suburban home, a cute blonde family with a son and daughter are getting ready for bed. The mother and father padlock their son and daughter into their separate rooms. The mother turns to the father and asks if they really have to do this, and he reminds her that she knows they have to.

Wesley is trying to show off to Angel his special demon killing device, but it turns out that it's obsolete. Cordelia is making brownies at Angel's house, and the three crimefighters are just hanging out, and then Angel calls Wesley Doyle by mistake. Later, Cordelia and Angel talk about how much they still miss Doyle. Suddenly, Cordelia has a vision that leads Angel and Wesley to the suburban home from the beginning of the show. They park outside, and Angel spots the young boy wandering into the street in his sleep. Just before he gets hit by a car, Angel dives over and saves him, injuring his own shoulder in the process. The boy's parents come running out and grab their son, thanking Angel for saving his life. The mother invites Angel inside so that she can tend to his shoulder. The father remains very stand-offish and rather rude, while the mother gushes about how Angel was their angel tonight. She invited Angel over for dinner the following night, and he accepts.

Meanwhile, Wesley is nosing around outside, and discover a glowing yellowish-green icky substance around the house. Back at the office, he shows the icky stuff to Cordelia and Angel, and explains that it means that someone in the house is possessed by a demon. Angel suspects is might be the father because of the way he was acting. Wesley starts to remind everyone that fathers can terrorize a family without being possessed by a demon, and then realizes what he's saying and stops himself. They figure out that if they somehow feed the possessed person Eucaplyptus something-or-other, the demon will show itself. So Angel shows up for dinner the next day with brownies (obviously laced). The family finishes dinner, and they proceed to dessert, and Angel watches the father closely, but it turns out that the demon pops out in the face of the little boy.

Angel explains to the family what is going on, and even though the mother is in some serious denial, gets them to bring the boy over to his office. Wesley has been trying to find a priest who can perform an exorcism of this kind, and although he's gotten the name of one, he hasn't been able to pin him down. Wesley and Cordelia make a binding powder, and they put the boy in Angel's bed and put the powder in a circle around him so that he can't get out and harm anyone. Angel warns the parents not to go into the circle, and then leaves them with Cordelia while he and Wesley take off in search of the priest.

Angel and Wesley get to the church where the priest is supposed to be; instead, they find a nun who tells them the priest died while performing an Ethros exorcism. Wesley decides to take the exorcism into his own hands. Angel questions whether or not Wesley is strong enough, but Wesley points out that Angel can't even hold the cross necessary for the exorcism.

On their way back, Wesley reads more about the Ethros demon and figures out how the priest died. The Ethros demon, when expelled, tries to get into another body immediately. It is expelled with such force that it usually destroys whatever body it tries to get into.

Back at Angel's home, the mother is having a hard time resisting her boy's cries from the encircled bed. Just as Angel and Wesley are returning, she loses her resolve and runs to her son who in turn almost kills her. Angel and Wesley save her. Wesley begins to perform the exorcism while Cordelia and Angel try and figure out how to save Wesley from death. Angel discovers that there is an Ethros box in which the demon can be captured and held; however, it is rare. Angel sends Cordelia out to Rick's Magic Shop in the off-chance that it might have one. Cordelia cannot find the Ethros box, but finds another demon-holding box that works almost as well according to Rick.

Meanwhile, Wesley is being taunted by the demon as he attempts to exorcise it from the boy. The demon torments Wesley with reminders of his childhood, his fears of inadequacy, how the Council dumped him, etc. until Wesley snaps and breaks the binding powder-circle, at which point the demon attacks Wesley and stabs him in the neck with his crucifix. Angel saves Wesley and they reconnoiter in the kitchen. The group is on the verge of giving up, but suddenly some marbles on the kitchen table form the words "Save Me," which inspires Angel to wrap his hand, grab the crucifix, and storm in to finish the exorcism. At the completion of the exorcism, the Ethros demon launches out of the boy, towards the box that Wesley and Cordelia are holding, but the box breaks apart and the demon disappears.

Wesley and Angel track the demon to a cave where the demon tells them the truth about the little boy. Although the demon inhabited the boy's body, the demon found that the boy was pure evil and had no soul. The demon was not in control of the boy but instead felt trapped in the boy's body. He was at such a loss that he even tried to lead the boy to commit suicide which would have killed both himself and the boy. It was the demon, not the boy, who made the marbles spell out "Save Me." Upon hearing this, Angel promptly kills the demon, and then he and Wesley head towards the family's home. When they arrive, the boy is in the process of setting his sister's bedroom on fire. Angel saves the little girl, and Wesley corrals the rest of the family. Kate shows up to take the boy to social services.

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