Synopsis of Eternity

Written by TK

Angel and Wesley are watching Cordelia in a dress rehearsal for the play that she's in, and are desperately trying to find a way out. Cordy is terrible.

The threesome is walking away from the theater, Cordelia eagerly trying to get feedback on her performance from her friends. Wesley weasels out with "you made the part your own," and Angel is attempting the same thing when Cordelia notices a huge crowd of people in front of a theater. She recognizes a famous agent, Oliver Simon (the guy who gave his card to Angel in the pilot episode saying that he "has a look"), and one of his famous clients, Rebecca Lowell, best known for her role as Raven on a recently cancelled TV series. Rebecca is about to cross the street when Angel notices a car angeling towards her. Angel dives for Rebecca and saves her from being hit by the car at the last moment. Oliver runs over, and tries to figure out how to put a good spin on the situation for the press, while Rebecca tries to thank Angel properly for saving her life. Cordelia, while fawning over Rebecca, explains that saving people is what Angel does for a living, and he lives under so much of a rock that he doesn't even know who the famous Rebecca Lowell is. Rebecca is intrigued that Angel saved a stranger and doesn't even know her as the famous actress that she is. Rebecca turns to talk to Oliver for a moment, and Angel disappears. Cordelia leaves Rebecca with a business card.

Back in the office the next morning, Cordelia is trying to convince Angel that he should use last night's event for publicity, and plug himself as the protector to the stars. Rebecca comes into the office with two huge body-guards, and she and Angel go into his office to talk. Rebecca notices that all of the window shades are tightly closed, and comments on the fact that Angel isn't big on sunlight. She explains that some crazed fan has been stalking her. She shows him some of many nutty love-notes that she's received scrawled in what looks like blood. Angel tells her right off the bat that they're definitely not written in blood, gives her all the information he's gotten on the car that tried to hit her last night, and then tells her that he can't take her case. She's very disappointed, not only because she thought Angel would be good at protecting her, but also because she's still intrigued by this guy who doesn't treat her like a famous person. She leaves, and Cordelia freaks out. She can't believe Angel turned down the case, breaking Cordelia's one connection to a famous person. Angel says that he's scared of getting close to someone, and also, Rebecca doesn't specifically need his kind of help. Cordelia even tries to fake a vision to convince Angel to take the case, but he doesn't fall for it.

Rebecca is lying by her pool having her eyebrows waxed, and the woman doing the waxing is talking about how so many young stars are already getting eye tucks, preserving their youthful appearance before it starts to fade.

Rebecca has a party that night, and works the room, socializing with everyone. By the end of the party she's worn out and melancholy. A man is lurking outside. Suddenly, Angel comes crashing through a picture window from the outside, and grabs a ski-masked guy just before he gets to Rebecca. The ski-masked guy gets away. Angel stands up and brushes himself off, and realizes that he's standing in front of a mirror with Rebecca. Rebecca notices that he has no reflection.

The cops and Oliver are at Rebecca's house. She's giving them a report. Oliver asks her if she needs company for the night, and she says she wants to be alone. Everyone clears out, and then Rebecca yells out to the empty house, "I know you're still here." Angel comes out from the shadow he was lurking in. Rebecca calls him out as a vampire. He is astounded that she's not afraid, instead, she's just curious, and starts asking questions about what it's like. She says that she lied to Oliver, she really doesn't want to be alone tonight.

Cordelia and Wesley are in the office the next morning. Wesley says Angel called early that morning and said that he actually WAS going to take Rebecca's case. Cordelia is confused. Wesley tells her that Angel was actually tracking Rebecca all along. Cordelia wonders if Angel spent the night with Rebecca, and is worried that maybe he slept with her and has converted back to evil Angel after that moment of pure happiness. Wesley says that first of all, if Angel did sleep with Rebecca, that doesn't necessarily mean that it was a moment of pure happiness, 'cause last time he was with the love of his life, Buffy, not just some random actress he just met. Second of all, Angel probably didn't sleep with her in the first place.

Just to be on the safe side, Cordelia shows up at Rebecca's house with coffee and a big cross hanging around her neck. Angel is fine, just hanging around the house waiting for Rebecca to get back from her lunch meeting.

Rebecca shows up for her lunch meeting, and Oliver is there, but the folks from the new series that she's trying to get cast in didn't show. Oliver claims they just delayed, and they want her to come by the studio later and read for the role. It's as good as hers.

Rebecca is on a treadmill in her bedroom, running and complaining that she hasn't actually had to read for a role in so long, she doesn't remember how. Angel is looking at articles on Rebecca in tabloids. Someone comes to the door with a garment bag which turns out to be a tuxedo for Angel. Rebecca wants him to escort her to a movie premiere tonight.

Angel and Rebecca make an entrance at the movie premiere, and then sneak out a back alley. Rebecca says this is always the way she goes to premieres: she makes an entrance but doesn't really want to see the movie, so her driver knows to pick her up around back. In the alley, a guy goes after Rebecca with a gun. Angel tackles him and takes him out.

As the police are talking to Angel, Rebecca wanders away with a blanket over her shoulders looking a little shellshocked. Oliver comes running up, saying he came as soon as he heard. Rebecca tells Oliver that she recognized the guy who shot at her. He's a stunt man who is also represented by Oliver. Oliver admits that the stalker was his idea, and he was never a real stalker. Rebecca realizes that Oliver did this just to help her get the series. Oliver tells Rebecca that she didn't get the part, she's too "mature" for the role. They talk about how she'll always be compared to Raven, and how as long as her old series is rerunning, Raven will be forever there and forever young.

Wesley and Angel are at the office, and Angel is telling Wesley about how the gun had blanks, and how Rebecca's stalker isn't real. Angel says he's not sure if can tell Rebecca.

Rebecca takes Cordelia out shopping. Cordelia is gushing about going out with a star. Rebecca is pumping Cordelia for information about Angel and how one becomes a vampire.

Rebecca comes over the Angel's house with a bottle of champagne to thank him. He tells her that her stalker wasn't real. She says she knows, and why Oliver did it, and the fact that she didn't get the part that she was going for. They pour the champagne, and Rebecca suggests they link arms to drink it... a sort of good luck thing. As they take their sips, she purposely knocks Angel's arm so that he spills champagne on his shirt. When he goes to change, she puts a white powder in his champagne. He starts to drink it again.

Meanwhile, Cordelia has Wesley come by her apartment, and tells him that she thinks she did something very bad. She tells Wesley about how Rebecca was pumping her for information, and she gave it freely, being so caught up in hanging out with a star. Cordelia realizes that Rebecca may be going after eternal youth and beauty.

Angel is kinda mellow and drunk, and talking about how he used to hurt people, but now he helps them to repent. Rebecca says that by now, he deserves some happiness. She bares her neck and tells him to do it. He freaks out and tells her that she doesn't understand what she's asking for. He tries to lecture her, but she keeps asking for it anyway, saying that then they could be together and neither of them would be lonely anymore. He drags her over to his refrigerator to show her what her life would be like if she became a vampire. He grabs one of the bags of blood from the fridge and shoves it in her face, asking her if this is what she wants. The bag breaks, and blood splashes all over her. Suddenly, he backs away, freaking out, seeing the blood. He realizes he's been drugged and asks her what she gave him. He grabs her by the shoulders to get her to pay attention, and then lays his head on her neck. She's crying and saying she's sorry. Suddenly, he gives her neck a little nip and raises his head. He's got vampire face. He's evil Angelus again. He starts throwing her around and taunting her with the thought of her own death. Her first reaction is to run, but when that doesn't work, she fights him. She finally gets away to the elevator, and sends it up to the office. She doesn't quite know how to control it, so she ends up going too high and has to climb down. She freaks out when someone grabs her leg as she's climbing into the office, but it turns out to be Wesley with Cordelia. Wesley asks her what's going on, and she says Angel is trying to kill her. Cordelia, of course, thinks that Rebecca slept with Angel and made him evil again, but Rebecca says she didn't. Wesley asks her what happened, and she tries to say nothing, but Wesley says obviously she did something or Angel wouldn't be trying to kill her. She admits she gave him a little drug to relax him. Wesley asks what drug. She says Doximal. Wesley is aghast. Doximal is a strong tranquilizer which induces a chemical bliss... so Angel is experiencing pure happiness, even though it's synthetic. So now he's evil Angel until the drug wears off.

The trio of scared humans tries to exit the office, but Angel cuts the power and the phones, and comes into the office taunting them. Wesley tries to talk some sense into Angel, but Angel just tells Wesley that he has no balls and throws him across the room. Then the turns to Cordelia, and tells her what a terrible actress she is. Cordelia pulls out a jar of water and says that it's holy water and she'll throw it on him if he comes any closer. He says she's bluffing. She says she's not... she's been waiting for this day. She keeps a stake in her desk, a cross in her purse, and has the water in the office water cooler blessed every week by a local priest just in case. Angel isn't so sure that she's bluffing anymore. Then she throws the water at him. It's just drinking water, and doesn't hurt him. She asks him if her performance was convincing that time. Wesley jumps Angel and throws him down the elevator shaft where he falls unconscious.

Angel wakes up chained to his bed with a tired-looking Cordelia and Wesley watching him from nearby chairs. He's no longer evil. Rebecca is long gone. He starts to apologize for the things he said. Wesley says to forget about it and leaves. Cordelia says Wesley is right, and they should forget about it, but that she wishes Angel could be honest with her even when he wasn't evil. Then she leaves too. Angel is left chained to his bed, calling after his friends.

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