Synopsis of Five by Five

Written by TK

A gang member walks up to what he thinks is his gang, but it's actually a group of demons who are feeding bodyparts into a fire. The demons start chasing the guy, and Wesley drives up in Angel's car with Angel hanging out the side with a sword. He starts cutting heads off the demons, and then grabs the gang member, making sure he's got the right guy first.

Faith gets off a bus, and immediately is preyed upon by a skeevy guy who wants to take advantage of a lost little girl. She kicks the crap out of him taking his wallet, his keys and his black leather jacket.

In Romania in 1898, the beautiful vampire Darla brings Angelus into their living room blind-folded. When she takes off the blind-fold, he is pleasantly surprised by the bound gypsy girl lying trembling in front of the fireplace. Darla tells Angelus it is a present for him, but also for her, because she wants to watch. She watches, smiling, as Angelus tucks into his meal.

Angel is trying to get the gang member to do his civic duty and testify. He tells him that he'll keep being hunted by demons if he doesn't. Cordelia thinks the guy is a lost cause.

Faith is dancing at a club wearing a sexy backless shirt. She's jumping from one guy to another, and then decides she wants to dance with some girl's boyfriend. The girl tries to stop her, and Faith smacks her in the face. Then the boyfriend goes after Faith, and she makes quick work of him too. Faith keeps dancing while the fight she started rages on around her, occassionally getting in a kick or punch of her own while still dancing.

In the court room, Lindsey is about to make short work of the prosecution when they can't find any witnesses. The assistant DA accuses Wolfram & Hart of witness tampering, but has no proof. As Lindsey is about to get the case dismissed, Angel brings in the gang member witness he found. As the witness is called, Lindsey stares at Angel leaving the court room.

Lindsey is on the phone in his office telling someone what happened and how Angel screwed everything up. Mercer comes in and says he might have a solution to their problem and shows Lindsey a file.

Mercer is walking down the hall with Lilah. Lilah says that she heard Mercer found a rogue slayer to take care of Angel. He is surprised how fast she got the information. She says she actually knows where Faith is right now, and she wants to be the one to approach her. Mercer doesn't like the idea, but doesn't have much choice.

Cordelia is on the phone in the office, telling someone that they don't do divorce cases. When she hears the amount of money the divorce client is offering, she agrees to have Angel meet him for lunch. Angel and Wesley come in and announce that they won, and Wolfram & Hart went down in court.

Lilah is walking down a back alley with Faith. Faith is threatening, but Lilah manages to convince her to get into the limo with Mercer and see what Wolfram & Hart has to offer.

In Romania, Darla comes home to find Angelus crying in a corner. She is confused, and he is babbling, but finally she understands that because of the gypsy present she brought him, he has been cursed by the gypsies and has his soul back. He looks to her for comfort, but she freaks out and threatens to stake him if he doesn't leave. He stumbles out of the house into the night.

Faith is in a Wolfram & Hart office, and Lindsey tells her that in exchange for her killing Angel, they'll make sure she isn't convicted for murder in Sunnydale. She says she also wants money, which the law firm reluctantly agrees to. Mercer pisses Faith off and she slams his head into a desk a few times.

Cordelia is bringing Wesley and Angel to the lunch date she made. In the lobby of a random building, Faith sneaks up behind Angel and shoots a wooden arrow at him. At lightening speed, he turns and catches it right before it hits him. He is very surprised to see her. She smiles, comments that this might be fun, and runs off.

Back at the office, our three heroes are discussing the fact that Faith is obviously hunting Angel. Angel talks to Giles on the phone and finds out what happened with Faith in Sunnydale when she came out of her coma. Wesley is upset that no one told him before. Angel tells Wesley and Cordy to lay low and let him deal with it. Wesley wants to stand by Angel and feels sort of responsible for Faith since he was her Watcher.

Faith shows up at the office when only Angel is there. She stands in a sunny window and tosses Angel a gun, telling him he gets one shot because she's going to kill him. He immediately fires the gun, surprising her, but doesn't shoot to kill. They're blanks anyway. He gives her the gun back. She makes threats, talking about how she wants Angel to be in the game, and then fires the gun at Angel. The second bullet wasn't a blank.

Angel decides to break into Lindsey's office at Wolfram & Hart to see what he can find out about the hiring of Faith. After a funny scene where he talks to another lawyer in the lobby and the other lawyer thinks he knows who Angel is, he gets up into Lindsey's office. He doesn't find much info, but Lindsey finds him there and they exchange some words (all caught on tape) about their past encounters. Angel disables a security guard on his way out.

Cordelia and Wesley are entering Cordelia's apartment. When Cordy tries to open the door, it won't open. She tries again, it pushes closed on her again. Finally, she yells at her ghost Dennis, and the next time she tries the door it opens easily. Of course, Faith is inside. She says Angel's not in the game, and hopefully by getting to his friends she can get him in the game. Wesley tries to talk to Faith, but she scoffs at him and knocks out Cordelia. Wesley strikes her, and she's impressed, but then throws him across the room.

Back in Romania, Angelus attacks a group of people. He gives them lots of warning, and there a are quite a few of them, and so they attack back, screaming that he's a monster. Angelus agrees with them, screaming that he is a monster. He overpowers them after getting fairly well beaten, and then goes after the woman in the group, going for her neck.

At Cordy's apartment, Angel comes in and gathers Cordy up off the floor. She's babbling about Faith and how awful she was. They realize Wesley is nowhere to be found.

Faith has Wesley tied up in a chair. He's not looking so good. She's having fun torturing him, starting in with a broken piece of glass.

Angel and Cordelia are looking at a map, tracking various recent violent incidences that have Faith written all over them, trying to figure out where Faith could be. They realize that she took apartment keys from the first guy she attacked, and that guy is still in the hospital, so they figure out where the guy lives.

Faith is leaning out the window getting some fresh air, and drops the piece of glass down to the ground. She verbally tortures Wesley while getting out a spray can and a lighter which she uses as a torch. She sprays fire near Wesley's face while telling him that if he'd been a better Watcher, she might have been a better slayer. Suddenly Angel bursts in says that he's ready to rumble.

Back in Romania, Angelus stumbles away from the woman, saying he can't do it. She looks at him in wonder, daubing at the faint wound on her neck.

Faith is holding a knife to Wesley's neck while she talks to Angel. Wesley pushes away and his chair falls back, and Angel kicks the knife out of Faith's hand. Angel and Faith have an incredible fight scene, but Angel isn't so much attacking as he's just defending himself. They end up falling out a window and fighting down in the alley next to the apartment building. Wesley uses Faith's dropped knife to cut himself free of the chair, and then grabs a large kitchen knife and heads down to the alley. Faith is screaming to Angel that she's bad and he should fight back. He just keeps defending himself, saying he knows what she wants and he's not going to give it to her. Finally, Faith collapses crying in his arms. Just then, Wesley arrives on the scene with the knife, but drops it when he realizes it's no longer needed.

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