Synopsis of Sanctuary

Written by TK

Angel walks Faith into his house and puts her, shivering, into his bed to rest. She lies there glassy-eyed. For a moment, she thinks of attacking him again, but can't get up the will to get out of bed.

Cordelia, with a nasty black eye, is puttering around the office. Wesley comes in looking like death warmed over and apologizes to her for the black eye. She says it wasn't his fault, it was Faith's. He asks if Faith is still there. Cordelia says she is. Angel comes upstairs and rummages around in the donut box. Wesley asks him if he's suddenly gotten a sweet fang. Angel says they're for Faith. Wesley can't believe that she's a guest, not a prisoner. Angel says he wants to try to save her, rehabilitate her. Wesley is disgusted by the idea and walks out. Cordelia follows on his heels.

In the apartment where Faith tortured Wesley, detectives are going through the ruins, trying to figure out what happened. Kate is there, and another detective, Kendrick, asks her what she's doing there on a case to which she wasn't assigned. She says it sounded interesting. He says that everyone knows that Kate is into X-Files-like cases, and she must have heard the rumors that this girl Faith, for whom there's a warrant in Sunnydale, has super powers.

Angel comes down to his apartment with the donuts and finds Faith up and holding a knife. He gets her to hand him the knife without a fight.

In the law offices of Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey, Lilah and Lee are bitching about the fact that not only did Faith not kill Angel, but she's now his house guest.

Faith, in Angel's place, suddenly has a flashback to the man that she killed in Sunnydale. She packs to leave. Angel stops her. She fights him some, and then once again asks for his help. She can't understand why he's being so nice to her.

Wesley is in a bar drinking beer and throwing darts without very good aim. When he goes to collect the darts from the board, another dart comes flying right by his ear and lands in the bullseye. He turns around and it's Collins, one of the Watcher's Council's collectors. He sits down with Collins and his two cohorts for some beers. Collins tells Wesley that he can be reinstated into the Watcher's Council if he helps them collect Faith.

Faith is standing in the kitchen, and turns to Angel morosely and asks how this works. Angel goes into a long diatribe about redemption and forgiveness and it becomes obvious that he sees some of himself in Faith, which is why he wants to badly to help her. It turns out, however, that Faith was asking how the microwave works because she wants to microwave the popcorn that Angel got for her from upstairs. She says she'll have to thank Cordelia later for the popcorn. Angel says he actually thinks it's Wesley's. Faith says maybe they just shouldn't mention it, then. Angel says they should mention it. Faith is going to have to face Wesley sometime. Faith doesn't know how one apologizes for torturing someone almost to death. Faith realizes she's going to have to apologize to Buffy at some point for everything awful she ever did to her, including sleeping with her boyfriend. Angel starts to point out that he and Faith never slept together. Faith corrects him, she meant Buffy's NEW boyfriend. Faith then realizes that Angel didn't know about Buffy's new flame, and apologizes to him for letting the cat out of the bag. He points out to her that apologizing isn't that hard. He tries to blow it off, but it's obvious that he's a little upset that Buffy's moved on.

In the law offices of Wolfram & Hart, the three lawyers are hiring a new assassin, a nasty blue scaly demon, to go after Faith.

In the bar, Collins gives Wesley a syringe full of a very strong sedative to sedate Faith so they can take her back to England. Wesley says he'll only go through with it all if they promise not to hurt Angel. Although the collectors can't understand why Wesley is so concerned about a vampire, they finally agree to his condition.

Faith is watching TV, flipping through channels. The ugly blue scaly demon is climbing the walls with his sucker feet, trying to sneak up on her. Angel comes out of the shower and asks Faith if everything is okay. Faith says it's only been four minutes, and everything is still fine. Then she sees herself on the news, and how she is wanted for murder and unpredictable and dangerous. Angel comes in and tries to comfort her. Suddenly, they are attacked by the blue demon. The blue demon puts up quite a fight, but when Faith gets a knife from the kitchen the blue demon's life is short. Faith looks down at her blood-covered hands and the blood-covered knife and starts crying, dropping the knife to the floor. Angel comforts her, hugging her. Buffy walks down the stairs and shocked to see her ex-boyfriend cuddling with her worst enemy. Angel and Faith are just as surprised to see Buffy. Angel tries to explain what's going on, but since the last thing Buffy heard is that Faith was trying to kill Angel, she is having a hard time understanding. She came to L.A. because Angel was in danger, and now she wants revenge on Faith for totally messing with her life and Angel won't let her. Angel tells Faith to go upstairs while he talks to Buffy. Buffy says there will be no talking. Faith tries to apologize and Buffy threatens to kill her. Faith starts upstairs and Buffy moves to go after her and Angel tries to stop her, so she lashes out at Angel and hits him in the face. He hits her back and she is left in shock that Angel hit her to protect Faith.

Faith is at the top of the stairs, listening to what's going on. Wesley comes in and asks her if she's going somewhere. She says no, she just wanted to be alone. Wesley asks if Angel is still downstairs. Faith says he is. Wesley starts to approach Faith.

Back in the law offices of Wolfram & Hart, the three lawyers have heard that their blue demon has died. Now they're pissed. Lindsey realizes they should use the law to fight since they are a law firm.

Buffy and Angel are down in Angel's apartment. Angel is still trying to explain why he's doing what he's doing. Buffy still doesn't agree with him, and can't believe he hit her. Suddenly, Wesley and Faith come running down. Wesley tells Angel all about the collectors trying to use him to get Faith. He said that he went along with them to trick them, but now he wants to get Faith out of there before the collectors can get her. They look around. Faith is gone. They suspect she's gone to the roof. Buffy goes after her.

Lindsey is in the police station telling Kate that he knows about her dealings with Angel, and by the way, Angel is harboring the fugitive girl that they've been looking for.

Buffy finds Faith on the roof, staring out into space. They have it out, but only with words. Faith tries to apologize, but Buffy is too mad at her to completely hear it. When a guy bursts out onto the roof with a machine gun, they run and hide together.

Downstairs, Wesley and Angel hear the gun shots from the roof and start to go up, but another guy with a gun comes down the stairs and corners him. When he sees Angel, he also pulls out a small crossbow with a wooden stake. Wesley distracts him while Angel runs for the roof, and then Wesley throws his syringe full of sedative like a dart and gets the guy right in the neck.

On the roof, not only are Buffy and Faith being chased by the guy with the machine gun, but also a helicopter with another guy with a machine gun. Buffy tells Faith to stay hidden while she goes after the guy on the roof, because hopefully they won't shoot at her. Buffy takes the guy with the machine gun out, and Angel comes flying up through the skylight at the top of the stairs and grabs onto the helicopter and pulls the guy with the gun out of it. Then he directs the pilot to land them nearby. Buffy looks around the roof for Faith, but she's gone.

When the helicopter lands, Kate is there waiting for Angel with a whole bunch of cops. She tells Angel to give up Faith. When Angel won't open his mouth, she arrests him. Buffy and Wesley come to the police station as Kate is putting Angel in a cell with a nice eastern exposure for when the sun comes up. Buffy can't believe that Kate knows what Angel is and would still do that. She starts to refuse to let Kate do that until they all realize that Faith is calmly sitting in the police station. She stands up and says she'd like to make a confession.

Buffy and Angel have a last discussion. Buffy tells Angel a little bit about Riley. Angel basically tells Buffy off for her actions that day. It's partly that he's upset about the Faith situation and that Buffy came for vengeance, and it's partly that he's upset that Buffy has moved on and he can't. He tells Buffy to go home and leave him alone.

Wesley walks up. He tells Angel that he did the right thing, trying to save Faith. They both hope that she's strong enough to find peace and survive jail.

The last shot is Faith sitting her jail cell, looking rather at peace.

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