Synopsis of War Zone

Written by TK

A girl is walking through the city in a quiet/bad part of town under a highway. Three guys are following her. She starts to walk faster and get nervous, then suddenly she's in a dead-end and turns to face them. All three are vampires. Suddenly a weapon-clad man with a sort of a tank behind him walks up and the vampires are scared of him.

Cordelia walks into a society party with Angel and Wesley. The reason they are there is to meet with a sweet nerdy guy named David who is being blackmailed with pictures from when he visited a demon brothel. He's a millionaire software guy who has no social skills and doesn't even know any of the famous people attending his party. Angel and crew say they'll do their best for him.

Back in the dead-end alley, a rag-tag bunch of teenagers are fighting with the vampires. A couple of the teens go down, and quite a number of the vampires are dusted. The vampires eventually give up and run, and the teens go back to their warehouse hideout, where one of them who is injured dies.

Angel walks into the demon brothel and is quickly escorted out by the proprieter who says they don't "do" vampires. He tells her he just needs to find this guy: he shows her a picture of the guy who is blackmailing David. She says she runs a discreet business, and would never give out that info. He says it can't be very discreet if someone got blackmail pictures. She finds the pretty demon that serviced both David and his blackmailer, Eddie. The demon prostitute tells Angel where to find Eddie.

The girl who was the bait in the trap that the teenagers set for the vampires, Elonna, is talking to the leader of the gang, Gunn. It turns out she's his little sister, and they're a bunch of homeless kids fighting for their lives. She tells him that he's getting reckless, and more and more of them are getting killed, and she's worried that he's just trying to get closer and closer to death. He assures her he knows what he's doing. A couple of his spies come running in. They say that they found the vampire nest. Gunn says they should prepare for war. Then a look-out comes running in and says that he's seen a vampire approaching, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Gunn asks his spies if they were followed. They're sure they weren't. Gunn goes out to take a look.

Angel finds Eddie getting into his car in a back alley. He tells Eddie he wants those blackmail pictures. Eddie says to back off and don't make him show Angel his bad side. Angel says I'll show you mine if you show me yours, and vamps his face. Eddie is scared and says he'll bring the pictures tomorrow night. Gunn is tucked away watching the whole thing.

Cordelia and Wesley go by David's to pick up their check for services. It's a huge check. David also thanks them for hanging out with him at his party the night before. Wesley points out that David was paying them to be there. David says it was still really cool of them to hang out and talk with him. Cordelia and Wesley are both blown away by the size of the check and the patheticness of its writer.

That night Eddie is waiting in the same alley with the pictures. Angel comes to pick them up, but it turns out Eddie brought a demon along for protection. Angel fights with the demon and gets the pics away from Eddie. Eddie runs away, and Angel keeps duking it out with the demon, finally winning the fight. Just as he's trying to catch his breath, the teenage vampire hunters come out and start attacking him. He gets away into a warehouse, but it turns out to be booby trapped. The teenagers follow him in, and they're attacking from right and left. It looks like all is lost, except then he manages to grab Elonna and use her as a shield. Gunn and his pals are all holding stake-guns on Angel, but not shooting for fear of hitting Elonna. Angel tries to talk to them, but they're all about stake now and ask questions later. Finally, to keep Elonna from getting hurt, he throws her to the side. Someone with an itchy trigger finger shoots and the small arrow goes flying towards Elonna. Angel puts his hand out and catches the arrow in his own hand, saving Elonna's life. Although Gunn doesn't trust Angel, he has to recognize that the vampire just saved his sister's life, so he tells Angel to just get out of there and not come back.

Back at the office, Cordelia is tending to Angel's wounds, and Angel is telling Cordy and Wesley about the kids he encountered. He's worried about them: they're obviously homeless, and doing some serious dangerous vampire hunting. He asks Wesley to track down where the kids are staying while Angel looks for the vampire nest that must be nearby.

At the vampire's nest, the lead vampire is saying that these annoying kids are taking over their territory, and if they want a war then they're getting a war. He says that they should get the teens' heart, 'cause if they get the heart they'll get the whole group.

Elonna is talking to her brother about Angel, saying maybe they should talk to him, he could be helpful. Gunn says there is no way that he's going to work with a vampire.

Angel finds the vampire's nest, but they're all gone except for one vampire. He throws this one vampire up against a wall and demands to know where everyone else went.

In their hideaway, Elonna is trying to get Gunn to eat some food that they got, but Gunn is saying he isn't hungry is and cleaning and preparing weapons. Suddenly, Gunn realizes something is wrong. He tells Elonna to get everyone outside into the sunlight. Two gas cartridges are thrown through the window. Gunn and his right-hand man remain inside for as long as they can, waiting for the attack, while Elonna gets everyone outside. Suddenly Gunn realizes that there is no attack, and it must be a trap. He runs outside calling for Elonna, and is just in time to see the vampires drag her into a van. He grabs onto the back of the van as it drives away and sees through the window the horrifying sight of his sister being fed upon by the vampires. One of the vampires knocks him off the back of the van.

Wesley and Cordelia are looking for the teens' hide out. Wesley looks for where they might have tapped into electricity while Cordelia questions a homeless man.

Angel comes to the teens' hide-out and makes it inside, but Gunn still won't deal with him when Angel says he wants to help. Gunn locks Angel in an old meat locker and goes off to fight the vampires. He walks outside with his crew, and says he's going to go ahead to scout and he'll either be back in a few minutes, or his crew should just come and stake anything that moves.

Gunn walks into the vampires' nest and finds Elonna. It takes him a moment to realize that she's now a vampire herself. She says it's wonderful, all kinds of power and no guilt. She says she could give him the gift too, they could keep the family together.

Angel is working to break his way free of the meat locker. He manages to break a hole in the wall near the door, and is trying to reach through to unlock the door. Suddenly, Cordelia opens the door for him. Wesley is there too, and asks Angel why he didn't use his cell phone. Angel stammers some excuse since he blatantly forgot he had a cell phone, and then runs off to help Gunn.

Elonna is still taunting Gunn, asking him why he can't stake her. She reminds him of how he's always taken care of her, and says that now it's her turn to take care of him. She goes to bite him, and he sadly stakes her. Angel is there, and the rest of Gunn's crew shows up. The vampires show up as well. It's a stand-off. Angel announces that this is his territory, and if the vamps just leave, then they'll live, but they can never come back to L.A. or to bother these kids. He stakes the lead vampire to make his point. The other vampires are looking doubtful, but Gunn's right-hand man speaks up and says that he can't believe they're not going to kill the vamps. He can't believe Gunn came all this way and isn't going to take any of them down. Gunn says he already did, and walks out. The vamps walk out and Gunn's crew stands down.

Wesley and Cordelia are out for coffee. Cordelia says she can't believe those kids live in that awful place. She says she's thinking about prostituting herself to the pathetic David. He's desperately in need of companionship, and she wants financial security, so it could work. Wesley can't believe she even thought of that. She realizes she's probably happier poor and alone than with David.

Angel is with Gunn, looking out over the city. Gunn thanks Angel, but says he could spare him the speech. Angel says he doesn't have anything to say. He says he'll be in touch. Gunn says he doesn't need Angel's help. Angel says he might need Gunn's help.

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