Synopsis of Blind Date

Written by AnGeL X from An Angel's Soul. My summary will be up in due course.

Angel fights and kills several vampires, then finds a man who has been killed by a blind woman. The woman fights Angel with her incredible strength and the ability to anticipate his every move. Wesley and Cordelia find that this woman, Vanessa Brewer, has a long crime list and is represented by Wolfram and Hart. In her latest case, the jury finds her not guilty of murder. Lindsey talks with Holland, an associate with the firm, who warns Lindsey about his past mistakes and not making any future mistakes. The lawyers make plans to protect Vanessa for her upcoming crimes.

Angel is furious that he can't do anything to put Vanessa away. He feels defeated by Wolfram and Hart and their games. Lindsey McDonald comes to Angel to help him save a group of children that Vanessa is going to kill. Lindsey's own poor childhood motivates him to go to his worst enemy for help. They need to get into Wolfram and Hart to steal some files. Angel recruits Gunn and with Lindsey's help, they work on getting into the underground vault. With a demon guarding the vault, and another demon that senses vampires on the premises, they have their work cut out from them.

Gunn causes a disturbance and brings a vampire into the lobby while Angel sneaks into the vault. With the help of a security card from Lindsey, and powder from Wesley that kills the demon guarding the vault, Angel steals the disks and also grabs a scroll. However, stealing the scroll sets off an alarm and the building is locked down. Mind readers are brought in to find out who was involved. Lee is killed when the mind readers sense that he's been in talks with another firm. Angel tells Wesley that he doesn't know why he took the scroll, just as Cordelia discovers that all the disks are encrypted.

Holland talks to Lindsey about his betrayal, and lets him have some time off to think about things. Cordelia talks with Willow on the phone and the redheaded hacker talks her through decrypting the computer files. They discover that Vanessa purposely took away her sight at age 21, and studied Nanjin in Pajaur, to enhance her other sensing and strengths. She is going after 3 blind children that will pose a threat to Wolfram and Hart in the future when they're older. Lindsey shows up at Angel's office continuing to help them. Vanessa finds the children, kills their caretaker, but Lindsey and Angel show up in time to help the children.

Angel discovers that if he is completely still and quiet, she can't tell where he is, and then he is able to kill her. Wesley discovers the scroll is The Prophecies of Aberjian. He translates some of the text on the scroll, and discovers that some of the text deals with Angel and his place in the world. Lindsey returns to W&H, and discusses his future at the firm with Holland. He offers him a tremendously better job that Lindsey decides to take.

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