Quotes from Happy Anniversary

Gunn to Cordy and Wesley: I am so glad I met you guys. It's entertaining, really.

Host: What's today, Thursday? Tomorrow night the world's going to end. Thought you might want to know.

Host: Don't feel the need to offer your guest a frothy capuccino or a hot cinammon roll.
Angel: I don't.
Host: Man, you just get darker and darker. And the weird thing is, your aura? Beige.

Angel: Are you gonna get to the world ending or are you just gonna chat until it does?

Angel: Seventeen Karaoke bars. I need to lie down and scrub out the inside of my head.

Virginia: My friend Patricia, her family, they've got like this big guy who's been harassing them, hanging around the house, getting scary. And they'd be really grateful if someone got rid of him.
Gunn: That sounds easy.
Cordelia: Uh, wait, by big guy do you mean demon?
Virginia: Yeah. And by house, I mean palatial estate. And by grateful, I mean they'll give you big tubs of cash. Really rich family, they invented, um, I don't know, like chairs, or something.

Denise: It's just not the kind of love that lasts.

Angel: I'm screwed, that's my problem. I can't win. I'm trying to atone for a hundred years of unthinkable evil. News flash! I never can. Never gonna be enough. Now I got Wolfram & Hart doggin' me, it's too much. Two-hundred highly intelligent law school graduates workin' full-time drivin' me crazy. Why the hell is everyone so surprised that it's working? No, it's, "Angel, why you so cranky? Angel, you should lighten up. You should smile. You wear a nice plaid."
Host: Oh, not this season, honey.

Angel: The guy's a disaster at love and nearly destroyed the world. I can relate.

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