Quotes from Reprise

Wesley: Things will pick up. They're bound to.
Cordelia: Yeah, it's L.A. The evil's probably just tied up in traffic or something.

Host: Can you believe this? Not even ten o'clock and we're already out of yak's bile.

Cordelia: I don't even know what you are anymore.
Angel: I'm a vampire. Look it up.

Denver: To kill the Kleynach and get the ring, you need the glove.
Angel: Okay, now you're making this up.

Darla: The ring's not about vengeance, Angelus, it's about power. We'll get to the vengeance part soon.

Wesley: This is difficult for you, isn't it?
Virginia: I just don't like to see you hurt.
Wesley: No, I... I mean breaking up with me.

Darla: Don't play games with me.
Angel: I'm not playing. I just want to feel something besides the cold.

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