Quotes from Epiphany

Darla: But we...
Angel: Yeah.
Darla: And you...
Angel: I know.
Darla: And I...
Angel: Three times.

Darla: You cannot tell me that wasn't perfect. Not only have I been around for four-hundred years, but I used to do this professional, and that was perfect.

Host: Keep your pants on. Well, I can see we're a little late with that advice.

Wesley: Our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. She's not the vain carefree creature that she once was... well, certainly not carefree.

Gunn: Where's Cordy?
Wesley: We don't know. Not here.
Gunn: You checked her pad?
Angel: I stopped by there earlier.
Gunn: You enjoying your visit to 1973? I meant her message pad.

Gunn: So, you had an epiphany, did you?
Angel: Yeah, heh.
Gunn: So, you just wake up and bang?
Angel: Well, sorta the other way around.

Gunn: Wait a minute. Three more.
Wesley: Eyes?
Gunn: Demons.

Gunn: This gonna hurt?
Cordelia: A lot.

Angel: You okay?
Cordelia: No.
Angel: You're not?
Cordelia: No. You really hurt my feelings.

Angel: If there's no greater meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world.

Kate: I think maybe we're not alone in this.
Angel: Why?
Kate: Because I never invited you in.

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