Quotes from Disharmony

Wesley: This is torture for you, isn't it.
Angel: Yes.
Wesley: Good!

Angel: Man, atonement is a bitch.

Cordelia: Okay, you want to know how I am? Tired, mostly, with sweaty running a close second. I'm also jazzed, can't wait to get our business up and sputtering again, ready to help those helpless. But, just so we understand eachother, you and I? We're not friends.

Cordelia: Whoah. Big bird.
Gunn: Big Bird?
Cordelia: Not the muppet, dumbass.

Harmony: We totally ruled.
Cordelia: Yeah, that we did.
Harmony: We were powerful, rich, popular...
Cordelia: None of that changed for me, apart from the powerful, rich and popular.

Cordelia: So, you just thought you'd bust into my house and kill my friend without giving her a chance to explain herself?
Wesley: Yeah.
Angel: Pretty much.
Wesley: That was the plan.

Angel: The red bird sculpture you saw in your vision, was it an eagle, hawk, falcon?
Cordelia: What am I, the bird lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak, for all I know it was a duck, a big red duck.

Harmony: Ew, it tastes funky.
Angel: It's pig's blood.
Harmony: Ugh, well, that's gonna go straight to my hips.

Cordelia: C'mon, Harm.
Wesley: Such a fitting nickname.

Cordelia: So, what do you think?
Host: I think your friend should reconsider the name Harmony.

Harmony: You were supposed to do some mind-mojo, show me my path.
Host: You're already on it, my little cacophany.

Harmony: I am an evil fighter. That's why I suck at being evil, I was meant to fight evil.

Wesley: Angel!
Angel: It's your place to tell her.
Wesley: She won't listen to me.
Angel: Welcome to my world.

Cordelia: Imagine what could have happened if you'd gone nuts and slept with Darla.
Angel: You know I would never do that.

Harmony: Watch out evil, here comes Harmony.

Angel: Look, if she's in trouble, we'll rescue her.
Gunn: Now we're saving a vampire from vampires? I got two word for that: nuh, and uh.

Cordelia: Ahh! Oh, oh my God, these are gorgeous. You have the most amazing taste. You have, like, a gay man's taste, and that's saying something. I love them so much! Ah, thank you thank you thank you, you're the best! Mwah! Woo, I have to go try these on. La l-la la la, new clothes, I have new clothes, I have new clothes!

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