Quotes from Dead End

Doctor: Don't look so nervous. This is cause for applause. In just a few hours time you'll be doing the applauding.

Wesley: Guess what I found? More nothing than usual.

Angel: Boy, I mean, you can see your reflection in that glass. Well, I mean, I couldn't, because of the whole vampire situation, but a normal person?

Lindsey: Who are you?

Cordelia: Wow, he's good.
Gunn: That lawyer's got some pipes.

Host: He's got your case in the (forgive me) palm of his hand.

Angel: Y'know, when I was in charge here nobody questioned my methods or my singing.
Cordelia: You're half right.

Lindsey: You do know you gave me an evil hand, right?

Lindsey: The key to Wolfram & Hart, don't let them make you play their game. Gotta make them play yours.

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