Synopsis of Redefinition

Written by TK

Outside the hotel
Cordy, Gunn and Wesley walk out with their things, still reeling from being fired. Cordy is most upset, and can't understand what just happened. Gunn plays it cool and says this was just a side gig anyway, the extra money was nice, but no big deal. Wesley explains to Cordy that Angel just needs to be alone for awhile, and maybe the best thing they can do is let him.

Basement of the hotel
Angel is burning paperwork, including the picture he drew of Darla. He then proceeds to go into an incredible work out. In voice-over, he says he's not ready to fight them yet, but soon he will be.

Basement of Holland's house
The camera pans over all the bodies that Darla and Drusilla left lying there. Lindsey opens his eyes. He's amazed he's still alive and thinks that Darla must have left him alive for a reason. He's just getting psyched that he's the only one left alive when he finds out that Lilah is alive too.

Wesley's apartment
Wesley is unpacking his box from work. Virginia is horrified that he's been fired. Wesley realizes he doesn't really have a skill set with which to get another job.

The hotel
Angel finishes his preparations and heads out to do battle.

Wolfram & Hart
Lilah and Lindsey come to work and everyone is staring at them. Lilah points out to Lindsey that since they're the only two survivors of the massacre, they're the likely scapegoats when the firm is looking for someone to blame. They walk into an office (Lindsey's office?) and Darla and Drusilla are there waiting for them. Darla tells them that she wants to keep the lines of communication open between them because they have the money and connections to give her the power that she wants. Lilah tells Darla about how she and Lindsey are the likely scapegoats in this situation, and Darla says that the firm probably won't kill both of them, so whoever is left alive will be her liaison. Lindsey asks if this power she wants is going to be directed at killing Angel.

Angel makes short work of four vampires. He's just testing himself. He's sure he's ready now.

Karaoke bar
The host is singing "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir." Wesley, Cordy and Gunn are all embarrassed to run into each other, and they all admit that they were going to sing to see what their future holds.

Angel tortures Merl, the informant demon, by partially drowning him until Merl tells Angel how Darla and Drusilla have been going around to demon hang outs recruiting demons for their new gang. Merl tells Angel the one demon bar that the female vamps haven't been to yet.

Demon bar
There is a sort of organized bar fight in progress between two demons. When it's over, Darla and Drusilla stride through the crowd confidently. When the winner of the fight tells Darla that he's never heard of her and Drusilla, Drusilla rips his ears off and Darla tells him that now, he never will. Darla is happy to have everyone's attention. Angel is hiding in the crowd in a hooded cloak. Darla tells everyone that they're looking for muscular slaves. Drusilla senses Angel's presence and starts telling Darla about it. Darla tells Dru to shut up, she doesn't want to hear about Angel, and leave an address for demons to come and audition. She drags Dru out of the bar. Angel realizes that he's still too close to Darla and he's not ready yet.

Wolfram & Hart
Lilah comes into Lindsey's office and tells him that the waiting is killing her. She wants to get out. She says they should run together, and take some firm files for insurance. He takes her head as if he's about to kiss her, and instead pulls the wire out from her blouse. Lindsey says not to bother setting him up, and just let the chips fall as they may.

Karaoke bar
Wesley, Cordy and Gunn are a little tipsy, sitting around a table blaming each other for getting them fired. They end up singing "We are the Champions" together. Later, the bar is completely empty except for the three of them, back around a table, now completely wasted, and the Host. They ask the Host to give them guidance since they sang. The Host says he never speaks when the big guys are about to say something, and balls up Cordelia's jacket and puts it behind her head just in time to keep her from hitting her head on her chair when she has a vision. She see a demon dragging a bleeding girl through a nearby alley. The three crusaders leave their table to save the girl.

Angel is packing some serious weapons and completely ignores the ringing phone.

The three side-kicks get to the alley where all they find is a trail of blood leading into an abandoned building. They wish Angel were with them. Wesley says they should carry on the mission without Angel.

Street outside a bar
Darla and Drusilla exit the bar. Darla is glad that was the last one. Dru tells Darla that Angel is coming for her, and he'll always come for her. Darla insists that what she's doing has nothing to do with Angel. Darla tells Dru to hurry or they'll be late.

Old warehouse
Angel throws open a large door and confronts a whole bunch of demons.

Inside the abandoned building
Cordy, Wesley and Gunn sneak into the building, see the girl lying on the ground, and are ambushed by the demon with very long teeth. They fight off the demon in their own inept way, and are proud that they are able to kill it without Angel's help, although they almost get ripped to shreds in the process. They take the girl (and Wesley) to the hospital.

Old warehouse
Darla and Dru come to the warehouse, ready to find their soldiers. Darla mentions that she doesn't think Lindsey or Lilah really knows Wolfram & Hart's true plan for Angle, but Darla's curiosity is piqued. When they open the warehouse door, the floor is littered with dead demons. Angel stands in a corner, smoking a cigarette silently. Darla calls out to him, but he doesn't respond. She calls out again. He drops his cigarette, lighting a trail of gas that leads right to the female vampires. They run out, screaming, entirely on fire. Darla manages to knock open a fire hydrant and they put themselves out. They sit on the sidewalk, bleeding and smoking and crying. Dru begs Darla to help her while Darla wonders about Angel. Darla thinks that that wasn't Angel or Angelus....

Wolfram & Hart
Lilah and Lindsey head into a meeting talking about what happened last night between Angel and the female vamps. At the meeting, a guy in charge gives them both a good talking to, and then says that their competition is healthy, so they're being appointed co-vice presidents of special projects in Holland's place, until the senior partners see fit to "narrow it down."

Hotel basement
Angel is practicing throwing knives with deadly accuracy. Wesley comes in to tell him that they're keeping the agency open, even without Angel. Wesley leaves. Angel throws another knife and is way off target. He thinks to himself that it's good that they're still fighting the good fight, while Angel himself is now fighting the war. He closes his eyes, concentrates, and throws another one. It's right in the center of the target.

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