Synopsis of Blood Money

Written by TK

Cordelia's apartment
Wesley and Gunn are playing Risk. Cordelia sarcastically says it's nice to have them around all the time, and asks them to get out of her apartment. They wonder if Angel will call, and then talks about how they're going to continue to fight the good fight without him. They talk about how they need to make new business cards. Cordelia has a vision. It has two heads, breathes fire and it's really really big. It's rising up under a girls' school. Gunn and Wesley run off just as Cordelia warns them that they shouldn't go alone.

On the street
Angel bumps into a woman carrying a box of stuff. She drops the box and he helps her pick it up. She's taking clothing donations over to the East Hills Teen Center, where she works. There seems to be a bit of sexual tension between them. They both go on their way.

The hotel, Angel's room
Angel walks in and puts the blonde's wallet down on a table. Covering the table are black and white surveillance pictures of the same blonde, one of which shows her walking with Lindsey.

Wesley and Gunn are hunting the huge fire-breathing two-headed thing. They find it. It's 20 feet tall when crouching. They go after it when its back is turned. It turns out its mouth isn't the only part of it that breathes fire.

Merl's lair
Angel bursts in on the poor demon Merl and asks him for the info he was looking for. Merl tells Angel how the woman has changed her names a few times, but otherwise, she's clean, and her teen shelter seems legit. Wolfram & Hart have been doing pro-bono work for her. Angel thinks there must be something fishy going on if Wolfram & Hart is doing anything pro-bono.

East Hills Teen Center
Angel comes in with the pretense of bringing donations. The blonde woman, who introduces herself as Anne, gives him a tour. They end it in the main office, where she keeps a cot for when she spends late nights at the shelter. She talks about how great Wolfram & Hart has been, and how they not only help her out and represent some of the teens for free, but they're setting up a charity ball for the shelter. It's called The Big Hold-Up, and TV stars will go through the guests and pretend to rob them of their donations. Wolfram & Hart is picking up the tab for the whole event.

Merl's lair
Another mean looking demon with scars over his eyes comes in and demands to know what Merl has been doing for Angel. Merl, with his hand being crushed under the other demon's foot, tells about how Angel has been investigating Wolfram & Hart, particularly Lindsey and Lilah. The scarred demon says he has unfinished business with Angel.

Wolfram & Hart parking garage
Lilah is getting into her car and getting ready to drive away. Angel surprises her from the back seat. He gives her congratulations on her promotion. He tells her he's finally figured out the rules to the game they're playing: there aren't any. He says that since she's been screwing with him for so long, now he's going to screw with her.

Lindsey's office
Lilah is telling Lindsey how much Angel scared her. The scarred demon comes in, introduces himself as Boone, and says that he has a grudge against Angel. Boone tells the lawyers how he met Angel in Juarez in the 20s and they fought over a woman. They fought for three and a half hours, but Boone let Angel go when the sun came up because then there was no challenge. Boone says that Merl told him that angel was after Lindsey and Lilah, so Boone wants to be there so that when Angel comes after him, he finds Boone instead. Lindsey is all for it, while Lilah is worried that Boone might actually kill Angel, and the senior partners want Angel alive. Lindsey doesn't really care what the senior partners want. Lindsey offers Boone money, but Boone is really more interested in the fight, not money.

Cordelia's apartment
Wesley and Gunn tell Cordelia about the incredible fight. They admit they were scared, but they did win. The three of them celebrate. Cordelia mentions she might have found them new office space. As they leave to take a look at it, they start fighting over what to name their new agency.

The hotel, Angel's room
Angel is looking at the pictures of Anne and her wallet.

Merl's lair
Lilah shows up with a couple of large lackeys and has the beat on Merl until Merl admits that he's been following Anne for Angel.

Teen center office
It's night time. Anne hears a noise and steps out into the quiet main room. Angel is there. He shows Anne the pictures and returns her wallet. She's scared. He explains how he's really after Wolfram & Hart, and how he believes that when they do this fund-raiser for her, they'll really be taking most of the money for themselves. She's not sure she believes him. Lindsey comes in and feigns concern for Anne. Boone is close on Lindsey's heels. Angel recognizes Boone, and is surprised that Boone is with Lindsey since he thought Boone had more honor than that. Boone does this cool thing where these metal cables suddenly appear around his hands and he starts beating the crap out of Angel. Angel tries to fight back, but is losing. Angel runs, and Boone is about to go after him when Lindsey holds him back. Lindsey says that now that his client is safe, Boone doesn't have to go after Angel. Lindsey tells Boone to wait in the car. Lindsey explains to Anne how yes, Boone is not human, but neither is Angel. He's a psycho vampire who cut off Lindsey's hand. Anne is rather un-fazed by the whole supernatural thing. She tells Lindsey how Angel told her that Wolfram & Hart is going to steal most of the profits, and how Angel said he had proof of this. Lindsey says Angel can't have proof because it's not true.

Lindsey and Lilah blame each other for the fact that Angel has proof of their plan. Lilah thinks Angel will give the proof to the press, but Lindsey thinks that isn't person enough. He predicts that Angel will show up at the charity event and expose them there. Lindsey gets on his cell phone and orders more security and vampire sensors for the ball.

Teen center
Angel comes back to see Anne. Anne tells Angel what Lindsey said about him. Angel is surprised that Anne isn't scared of him now that she knows he's a vampire. She says she used to think vampires were really cool, but then she met one. Now, with all the misery she's seen through her street teens, vampires and demons don't really scare her. Angel tries to get her to help him sabotage the charity ball by sneaking him in so he can play a tape with proof of Wolfram & Hart's evil deeds. She says that even if he's right, even if she only gets 5% of the profits from the ball, that's still about $100,000, which is more than the shelter could raise in two years on its own. Angel asks her if she worries about what Wolfram & Hart might do with the other 95% of the money, and she says all she worries about is her needy teens. She refuses to help Angel.

Highway Robbery Ball
It's the big event. A movie of Holland talking about needy runaway teens is being shown. Lilah talks to senior partner, Nathan Reed, and introduces him to Anne.

Lindsey is up in the balcony, talking to a security guy. The security guy shows Lindsey the hooded and robed vampire-sensing demon they have working for them.

Holland's movie finishes. Lilah announces the beginning of the "robbery" part of the event, and actors who play highway robbers on TV start "robbing" the guests of their donations.

Lindsey is assured by security that there's no sign of Angel.

Angel is hiding in a robe like those of the vampire sensors. He pushes back his hood to make his move, and is caught by Boone.

The "robbery" is over and Lilah thanks the crowd and the TV stars. Suddenly, a fight breaks out on the balcony. It's Angel and Boone. They duke it out and fall off the balcony onto the main floor. Security guards grab Angel and Lindsey searches him for the tape. Lindsey is frustrated when he can't find the tape. Boone walks over and apologizes to Angel, hoping that he made it look real enough. Lilah and Lindsey realize that Boone was the one who helped Angel sneak in, and the fight was a fake to get their attention. They see Anne moving towards the VCR and they run for her to stop her from putting the tape in. They are caught on camera making the mad dash. Anne beats them to the VCR and puts in the tape. The tape projects over the whole crowd, but it's just Cordelia and Wesley making asses of themselves on camera. Angel admits to Lindsey and Lilah that he has nothing, he just wanted to scare them and make them act like losers by running for Anne. Suddenly, Lindsey and Lilah remember the money and run back to the collection table. Boone and the money are gone.

Anne confronts Angel. She is mad that he didn't actually bring down Wolfram & Hart and now she has no money at all for the shelter.

Wolfram & Hart
Nathan tells Lindsey and Lilah that tonight was an unmitigated disaster, and they're in serious trouble if they don't start winning stuff soon. Lindsey says that they can't do anything when they're not allowed to kill Angel. Nathan says that Angel is a major player in the coming apocalypse, although it's not certain on which side he will be fighting. Nathan says it's good that Angel is so obsessed with getting Lindsey and Lilah, although it would be hard to lose good attorneys, if Angel kills them, it might mean he's closer to joining the firm (joining the dark side). Lindsey and Lilah are expendable, Angel isn't.

The hotel
Angel throws out the picture he has of Anne. Boone shows up with the money: two and a half million dollars. Boone still wants to fight Angel, and wagers the money on the fight.

Teen center
Angel shows up, a bit battered and bruised, with the money, and gives it to Anne. She is surprised to find blood on the money, but says it will wash out.

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