Synopsis of First Impressions

Written by TK

Angel is at the Karaoke club. The green demon with red horns (does this demon have a name?) says that he notices that Angel has been practicing. He says that Angel put some heart in his song... now he has to worry about his heart. Angel walks through the bar and sees Darla. They greet each other friendlily and start dancing romantically. Suddenly, the bar is empty except for the green demon singing a romantic song. Darla asks Angel if he's told anyone about their late-night meetings, and he says he hasn't. They kiss. The green demon tells them to get a room. Angel wakes up from his dream.

Wesley and Cordelia are trying to fix up the hotel. Angel is still sleeping. Gunn comes over looking for Angel's help in getting a demon named Deevak. Nabbit (the rich nerdy guy) comes over dressed in a funny costume saying he's ready to fight demons. Angel wakes up and comes into the lobby. He tells Nabbit that he needs financial help from him regarding this old hotel. Nabbit gives Angel a bunch of options regarding the hotel. Gunn says he needs help fighting Deevak. Angel lets Cordelia drive his car, and he, Gunn, Cordy, and Wesley take off to meet the informant that is going to tell Gunn where Deevak is.

They show up in the parking garage where they're supposed to meet the informant. The informant, Jameel, says he's changed his mind. He knows that Deevak probably has spies following him, and he's scared if he gives the demon up that he won't live much longer. Gunn gets really pissed and starts beating Jameel up. A bunch of vampires come in, and Jameel says I told you so and runs off. The four-some fights the vampires, and although they eventually triumph. It's a tough fight. Afterwards, they all comment on what a tough fight it was. Gunn takes off saying he's going to find Deevak. Cordy is still driving Angel's car and drops him off at the hotel where Angel says he's going back to sleep. Cordy says he's been sleeping a lot lately.

Cordy goes home and is settling in to read a book until she has a vision of Gunn fighting. She calls Angel, but he's asleep.

In Angel's dream, he's lying on a dark beach with Darla. She tells him to ignore the ringing. They make out.

Cordy calls Wesley and leaves a message on his machine. She doesn't know what to do. She tells Wesley to meet her at Gunn's place. She takes a small axe and heads out.

Cordy pulls up in Angel's car. She runs in a building and through a door with a window in it, spots Gunn fighting someone. She runs in and smacks the guy over the head with her axe. It turns out that Gunn was just doing a fighting demo for his gang, and Cordy just seriously injured one of Gunn's friends.

Angel is still in his dream with Darla. There is a banging sound in the background. Darla is sad because she has to leave. Angel says he'll go with her, but she says he can't. She's in danger. The banging is louder. Angel sees Wesley in his dream, hammering on a cut-out of a coffin. He yells at Wesley. Darla disappears. Angel grabs Wesley around the neck and yells that he made her disappear. Wesley chokes out that Gunn is in trouble. Angel finally let's go of his neck, realizing what he's doing.

Cordy fixes up Gunn's friend's head wound, and then Gunn walks her out to her car to get rid of her. She tells Gunn she had a vision and he was in trouble, fighting for his life. She says he needs protection, but he scoffs at her. When they get outside, they realize Angel's car is gone.

Wesley and Angel are outside the hotel, realizing that Angel's car is gone. Angel forgot he let Cordy take it.

Gunn is driving Cordy home. She's still talking about how he needs protection and she's going to be his protector. She shows him the mace she carried in her purse. He laughs at the idea of Cordy protecting him and says that he's going to get her her car back, and then she can get out of his life.

Wesley and Angel take off on Wesley's motorcycle. Angel is grumpy about having to wear the pink ladies' helmet.

Gunn and Cordy show up at a used car lot. Gunn talks to a guy named Henry and asks him about Angel's car. Henry says he doesn't have it, but Desmond might 'cause Desmond can't resist taking convertibles. Henry leers at Cordy and says Desmond will be at Tito's party, 'cause everyone will be at Tito's party. Gunn tells Henry that some of the cars in the lot look like neighborhood cars, and Henry can do whatever he wants, but he should stop taking neighborhood cars. Henry tells him to lay off. Gunn threatens Henry, saying if he doesn't stop taking neighborhood cars, Gunn might shut him down for good. Gunn and Cordelia walk out. A huge demon with some vampire side-kicks comes out and says that he thought Henry was going to wet his pants. Henry scoffs that it was just Gunn. The demons says he knows, and he's going to stop Gunn from causing trouble... tonight!

Angel and Wesley are riding through the night on Wesley's motorcycle.

Gunn and Cordelia get to the party. Gunn sees a kid outside that he knows. He yells at the kid that he shouldn't be out partying, he has work to do. The kid protests, but leaves. Cordelia yells at Gunn for being so harsh. Gunn says some people need structure. Gunn orders Cordelia to keep quiet and keep close. Cordelia protests that she doesn't take orders from him, but once she sees the party when they go in, she decides to take Gunn's advice. Gunn says hello to a friend of his, Veronica. Cordy makes an ass of herself when introduced. They walk farther into the party, and Gunn spots Desmond. Just when Gunn is getting Desmond to admit that he took the car, a whole bunch of vampires crash the party and attack Gunn. Cordelia tries to help, but she isn't able to do much. Veronica tries to help and gets thrown through a window for her trouble. Veronica has a large piece of glass stuck in her neck. She pulls it out and starts bleeding all over the place. Cordelia tends to Veronica. Gunn fights off the vampires and most of them run away. He sees Cordy and Veronica. Cordy says Veronica needs to get to hospital NOW.

Gunn carries Veronica into the emergency room with Cordy at his side. Cordy reports the tending doctor what happened to Veronica and what she did, almost like a paramedic. Gunn asks the doctor if Veronica will be okay, and the doctor says that Cordy probably saved her life.

In the waiting room, Gunn is upset that Veronica got hurt. Cordelia tries to comfort him, telling him it wasn't his fault. He says he should know better than to leave his guard down, because then people like Elonna (his sister) - I mean, Veronica, get hurt. Cordy catches Desmond trying to sneak away after getting his hand bandaged up and demands her car back.

Angel and Wesley show up at the wreckage of the party. They talk to a girl who tells them vaguely what happened, and that Gunn was there but left. She herself is bleeding a little, and they ask her if she's okay and she says she's fine, much better than a lot of other people. Angel asks her again if she's okay, and she says she's just fine. Angel smashes his head into her's. She vamps out and he says she better start talking.

Cordy and Gunn are in a warehouse and there is Angel's car. Cordy starts looking for the keys. Gunn can't believe she left the keys in the car. She asks him if he could hot-wire it, and he says that just because he knows some car thieves doesn't mean he is one. They start arguing all over again, until the big demon shows up with the keys and a posse of vampires. Gunn tells Cordy to get out of here, but Cordy insists she won't leave him. Gunn says hello to Deevak, and Deevak says hello to Gunn. Then Deevak picks Gunn up by the neck. Cordy goes after Deevak with her little axe, but he easily fights her off with one hand. The demon changes shape, and turns into the snitch, Jameel, that Gunn beat up earlier. Cordy maces him. He drops Gunn, and turns back into the big Deevak. Angel and Wesley show up on the motorcycle. A huge fight ensues. Cordy, Wesley and Angel fights the vamps while Gunn takes on Deevak. They slowly kill off the vamps. Gunn is not putting a dent in Deevak. Deevak is about to annihilate Gunn when Angel comes to the rescue with Cordelia's axe in Deevak's head.

Angel is pushing his car out of the warehouse. Wesley has found the key, but it's got demon blood or demon pus or something on it. Angel wonders if anyone knows how to hotwire a car. Off to the side, Gunn thanks Cordy for helping to save his life. She says that her vision wasn't warning her about Deevak, it was warning her about Gunn. Gunn is his own worst enemy, and she's going to have to save him from himself. She warns him to get used to her being around, because she obviously has a lot of work to do.

Angel walks into the hotel, tired. Darla asks him if he saved any lives, and he says yes. She asks if anyone said thank you. He says now. She says that Angel just helps and helps and helps, taking care of everyone else, but no one takes care of him... except for her. He smiles. She pushes him down on a red couch.

Angel is in bed, enjoying his dream.

Darla takes off his shirt and sits on top of him on the red couch, kissing his chest.

Angel is in bed, enjoying his dream. Darla kisses his chest.

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