Synopsis of Untouched

Written by TK

Lilah sneaks into an office (it looks like it's at Wolfram & Hart) and starts looking through some paperwork on the desk. Darla interrupts her. Darla shows Lilah the purple powder (criping powder?) that she uses to keep Angel asleep when she visits. Darla says dreams open the chambers of the mind. Lilah asks what's hidden in Angel's secret chambers. Horror.

Angel wakes up to hear Wesley and Cordy arguing. He asks them what's going on and they say that they're arguing about whether or not to pay Gunn. Cordy thinks Gunn deserves some pay, but Wesley thinks he might be insulted by the offer. Angel is testy and says he'll consider it. He's so testy that he tries to fire Cordy when she talks back to him, but then she reminds him that she's vision girl and he can't fire her. He mentions he's been sleeping strangely, and Wesley comments that he's been sleeping more, but seeming less rested. Wesley asks if Angel has been dreaming. Suddenly, Cordy has a vision of a very scared woman in an alley. She gives Angel the address and he runs off. She says that he's going to be too late.

The woman runs down an alley and is cornered by two men. They are about to rape her. Suddenly, the air moves in front of the woman and a big dumpster flies across the alley and smushes the two men.

Angel gets to the alley and tricks a cop into explaining a bit about what happened. No one has seen a scared girl around. Angel find a door open nearby and walks into an abandoned warehouse where he finds the girl sitting and crying. She says to leave her alone. She warns him that she's upset. Angel goes towards her offering to help, and suddenly the air moves in front of the girl and a big metal bar flies through the air and stabs Angel through the chest. He falls to the ground, and the girl starts to leave. She is stunned when he gets up, still talks to her, and pulls the bar out of his chest. He says he just wants to help her. She asks him why he's not dead, and he says he's different, like her. She still doesn't trust him. He recognizes that she's from out of town and offers her a place to stay. She says she's staying with a friend. He gets her to take his card before she leaves. After she's gone, he falls to the ground in the pain that he was hiding from her.

The girl goes back to where she's staying. She pulls out her keys, but her friend opens the door from inside. It's Lilah. She tells Bethany (that's the girl's name) that she was starting to worry. Bethany walks inside.

Bethany and Lilah are talking in Lilah's very swank apartment. Bethany is very grateful that Lilah is letting her stay there. Through their conversation we learn that Lilah came to speak at Bethany's high school, and they ended up talking. Lilah recognizes something special in Bethany. Bethany heads for bed.

Cordy bandages up Angel. The gang tries to figure out how to track down the girl. Angel recognized her accent as northeast and figures she's a runaway, so Cordy starts on the computer cross-referencing northeastern runaways with supernatural occurrences. Wesley admits he doesn't know a think about telekinesis except that it's the power to move things. Gunn comes over 'cause Angel called him and Angel asks his help in finding the girl. Angel says he's going to sleep, it's been a long day. Cordy points out that Angel has only been up for three hours.

Angel goes to bed.

Bethany is also in bed, and finally falls asleep. She dreams about when she was a girl, and she's in a barn and a man is about to molest her. Lilah watches Bethany sleep. She smiles as Bethany is obviously having a nightmare, and watches the lamp on the bedside table shake. In the dream, a table in the barn is shaking, and the man is telling Bethany the little girl to relax. Lilah watches her dream. Suddenly, the lamp flies off the bedside table and hits Lilah. Bethany wakes up, apologizes to Lilah, and runs off. Lilah asks her not to leave, but can only groan on the floor when she does just that.

Bethany runs through the night.

In Angel's dream, he's making passionate love with Darla in front of a fire. They're clothing is from the past, and their hair-dos also look like previous flashbacks we've seen of them. Meanwhile, Darla is in bed with Angel, recounting a time when he killed a gypsy girl. In the dream, they bite each other's necks passionately. Angel wakes up, his hand on his neck.

Angel comes to the lobby and Cordy gives him a nice middle-of-the-day greeting. Cordy says she's been up all night researching and hasn't found a thing. No word from Gunn. Wesley has learned that telekinesis usually happens under emotional distress. Bethany walks in the door and introduces herself. Angel introduces Cordy and Wesley. She almost faints as she walks down the steps into the lobby. She says she hasn't slept much. Angel makes her some tea.

Lilah is talking to her boss at Wolfram & Hart. He asks her if the alley scenario last night was too much. She says no. He says that people are saying that Lilah has lost control of this project. What good is an assassin if you can't control her. Lilah says she'll find her. Bethany calls on Lilah's cell phone. Lilah asks her where she is.

Bethany, now in some of Cordy's clothes, tells Angel that she called her friend and she's okay. The two talk outside and she says that she hates this power and she wants it gone.

Inside, Cordy is telling Wesley that she's getting a weird vibe off of Bethany.

Bethany is trying to describe how it feels when it happens. She's never done it on purpose, it just sort of happens when she's upset. She calls it a disease. She's very testy with Angel. She says she shouldn't be here. Wesley walks out and says he agrees, they shouldn't waste their time with her. Maybe they should send her back to her father. She flashes to the face of the man in the barn and Angel and Wesley go flying across the courtyard.

Cordy is tending to a bruised Wesley, and telling him how stupid it was for him to antagonize Bethany like that. She asks how he knew the Bethany's father would be a trigger. He says he just picked up on little hints she dropped and made a good guess. Angel tells Wesley to go home so he doesn't make Bethany more uncomfortable and tells Cordy she should sleep at home tonight.

Angel finds Bethany hiding in a room upstairs. She says she feels safe. Angel jokes that she chose a strange place to be safe, since this room could collapse at any moment. She says that she is embarrassed by what she did. She goes on to say that people, in general, are pathetic. Angel defends people.

Sudden flash to Angel's dream. He and Darla stop biting each other in passion, and look over to the side of the room where a very scared blonde girl is lying bound and gagged.

Bethany wakes up Angel. At first, he mistakes her for Darla. He's a little uncomfortable with her presence (remember, we learned last episode that he sleeps in the nude). He tries to figure out why she's there, if something's wrong or she wants to talk. It turns out she's making an awkward attempt at seducing him. He literally has to push her away. This makes him see Darla in his mind's eye, and she makes the bed shake for a moment. She talks about how when men use her body, she just vacates her body, and the men don't even know that she's not really there. She says that Angel might not be qualified to help her with her problem. Angel says that he might be the only one who is. She asks who Darla is. Angel tells her to go back to bed. As she leaves, Darla pokes her head from around the corner where she's hiding.

Lilah's boss tells her to get Bethany out of Angel's place, 'cause she's keeping Angel from sleeping and that's screwing up Lindsey's Darla plan.

Angel gets Bethany to concentrate and pick up a scarf off the floor using her power. She is excited to do something on purpose. Cordy comes over and says that Gunn wants Angel to meet him in Brentwood. She says that she'll take Bethany shopping.

Gunn and Angel break into an apartment. Angel takes the opportunity to ask Gunn if he'd like some payment for helping. Gunn accepts the offer gracefully. Gunn explains that this (very nice) apartment belongs to one of the guys that tried to rape Bethany. It turns out the guy is muscle for hire, so someone must have wanted to scare Bethany on purpose. Angel hits the redial on the phone and it calls Wolfram & Hart.

Bethany and Cordy are wandering near a merry-go-round and drinking coffee. Cordy tells Bethany not to try to sleep with Angel. She tells Bethany how Angel sees her as the damsel in distress, while Cordy thinks that she's not as helpless as she seems... she's actually dangerous. She tells Bethany how she could have floated the bad guys away instead of squashing them with the dumpster. Cordy says she wants to make sure that her friends don't get hurt, and sex complicates the equation. They finally get on to a more casual topic of conversation when a bunch of guys shoot a drug into Bethany and snatch her. Cordy makes a good attempt at stopping them, but they kidnap her and put her in a van. Luckily, Angel drives up with Gunn and they start chasing the van. Angel gives Gunn the wheel and gets onto and then into the van, knocking off the bad guys and saving Bethany.

Lilah is on her cell phone. She's pissed that her thugs didn't get Bethany. She decides that if Angel wants to hang onto her time bomb he can. She tells the person on the phone to pull the trigger.

Bethany, Angel and Cordy are back in the room where she feels safe. All the windows and door are slamming shut, and stuff starts flying around the room. Angel is trying to convince her that Lilah is behind her kidnapping, and Bethany is having a hard time believing it. Angel finally gets her to get her power under control. She goes to the door of the room and open is. Her father is outside. All of the windows on that floor of the hotel burst outward.

Cordelia and Angel are on the floor, trying to regain their senses. Bethany's dad is talking to her, telling her to come home where everything will be just like it was before. He tells her that he missed her. The room is shaking, the walls are peeling, and a nail flies out of a board and buries itself in Cordelia's arm. Suddenly, everything stops. Bethany's father takes that as his cue that he's won and starts towards her. Angel goes toward Bethany to help her, and Bethany uses her power to glue him to the wall. Bethany's father starts floating and choking. Angel tells Bethany to use her power and finish it. Bethany bids her father goodbye and sends him flying out the window. Just before he hits the pavement many stories below, she stops him and leaves him hanging a few feet from the ground. Then she drops him so he only falls a short distance.

Bethany is packing her things at Lilah's apartment while Lilah tries to convince her not to leave. She says she'll need her friends at Wolfram & Hart. Bethany says her friends don't hire men to rape and kidnap her. Lilah says she was just trying to make Bethany stronger. Bethany says it worked, and uses her power to close her suitcase and make it float into her hand. She walks out of the apartment, and Angel is waiting for her at the front door. Lilah reminds Angel that he's not invited in. She makes a last ditch effort to keep Bethany by telling the girl that her new protector is a vampire. She is unfazed. Angel laughs and tells Lilah that she'll need to find someone else's brain to play with. She says she has someone in mind. As the two walk away, Lilah quietly wishes Angel pleasant dreams.

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