Synopsis of Dear Boy

Written by TK

The gang of three are all in the lobby of the hotel. Angel is still tired, and Cordelia comments that he's been sleeping for like three days. Cordelia is worried about finances at the company. Cordy has a vision of a squishy demony thing with worshippers fighting around it, almost as if they're arguing about how to worship it. While Cordelia and Wesley are trying to figure out what the squishy demony thing might be, Angel sits on the couch and suddenly has a vision of Darla, dressed in 1800s clothes, kissing him and coddling him. It's as if she's right there in the lobby, only Cordy and Wesley don't see her. Suddenly Angel shakes his head and comes out of his reverie. Cordy mentions that he's been acting strangely. Angel asks more about Cordy's vision and figures out from her description of the location that it's this old Indian burial ground where there used to be a convent, but now it's an unused government water tank. Angel explains that he knows so much about it because he has a thing for convents. Wesley calls Gunn for extra manpower and they head out.

Old water tank
The foursome come down a long flight of steps into a huge empty water tank. They see behind some pillars the fighting worshippers and the slimy demony thing. The slimy demony thing notices them and sends the fighting worshippers to attack. They have a big fight, and Gunn yells to Angel that he's going to go after the slimy demony thing. He asks Angel to get his back. Angel is sitting on top of one of the worshippers punching the man repeatedly in the face, and doesn't even hear Gunn's request for backup. Gunn decides to just go it alone, and manages to sink an axe into the slimy demony thing's head. Once the demon is dead, all the worshippers stop fighting. Angel is still sitting on top of the same guy punching him over and over in the face. Everyone else pulls him away since the fight is over.

Outside old water tank
They're walking away and Gunn asks Angel if teamwork is a thing of the past. Angel mumbles that he needs some time and walks off away from the others. Wesley excuses Angel's behavior saying he hasn't been sleeping well. Cordy says he's off his game.

Angel is walking along a crowded street. He sees Darla in a modern-day red dress, walking along nearby. He sort of follows her, but sort of doesn't want to admit that she is who he thinks she is. Finally, he can't deny it anymore and just stops and stares. Darla continues to just walk, seemingly oblivious of Angel.

Angel finds Darla in the shadows on the edge of a square. She has just had dinner... a streetwalker and the man she was propositioning. She tells Angel she has a surprise for him. She shows him three daughters, all virgins, walking with their parents on the other side of the square. But that's not it. The middle one has "the sight." The middle one turns around and looks at them, almost as if she could hear them, except she's all the way on the other side of the square and couldn't possibly have. She is Drusilla. Darla says how that girl can see the future. Angel gets excited. Drusilla hurries her family in the opposite direction as Darla tells Angel to relax and wait for the plum to ripen.

Promenade, present day
Angel is now trying to catch up to Darla in the red dress, suddenly he loses sight of her completely. He can't figure out where she disappeared to.

Cordelia is talking to a potential new client who wants to hire Angel. She says Angel is out on a case, and asks him to tell her what's up. He says that his wife regularly gets abducted by aliens, which is not the problem, the problem is that he found a hotel receipt from the last time she was abducted by aliens, and now he's not sure if she's really being abducted. Angel walks in and Cordy introduces the new client, Mr. Jeakins. Jeakins asks Angel if his wife is cheating on him, and Angel blows him off by saying probably. Angel walks into the office adjoining the lobby and Wesley takes Jeakins away, comforting him. Cordy follows Angel into the office and yells at him that that's no way to treat a new paying client. As Cordy is scolding, Angel is getting closer and closer to her from behind. Angel starts smelling her hair. Then he starts caressing her hair. Cordy realizes what he's doing and freaks out a bit, moving away from him. Wesley comes in and asks Angel why he's been acting so strangely. Angel tells them that it's Darla. He's been dreaming about her, and now he saw her last night on the promenade. Wesley says she's dead, and vampires don't come back from the dead. Angel reminds them that he did just that. He says it's definitely her. He says that's probably why he's been dreaming about her, because she's here. Wesley suggests that maybe it's the opposite: Angel only thinks she's here because he's been dreaming about her.

Wolfram & Hart
Lindsey tells Darla that she's good at getting under Angel's skin, using both his strengths and weaknesses against him. She says she created most of those strengths and weaknesses. Darla asks what the plan is, if she's just going to tease Angel to death. Lindsey says basically they want to bring out Angel's dark side again. Darla toys with Lindsey's fake hand. There is a bit of sexual tension in the air. Lindsey asks her if it's strange seeing Angel again. She says it's a shame that Angel's turned into such a do-gooder. Darla and Lindsey actually appreciate each other.

Police station
Kate is sitting at her desk working and a guy that she calls Jack comes by. She tells Jack that she thought they were friends, but now he never calls. They talk about how she was transferred out of downtown since she became known for her interest in the bizarre and grotesque cases. Jack gives her the envelope that he came to deliver, saying someone thought she might be interested. She pulls out a picture of Angel's hotel. Angel's business card is paper clipped to the picture, and on a Post-It note in the middle of the picture it says, "He's moved."

Hotel bar
Cordy is pretending to be a waitress and puts a microphone at the bar where a blonde woman is talking about how she can tell her husband she's being abducted by aliens at any time and get away for a weekend. Her loves is laughing how he wants to abduct her right now. Angel is behind a plant, listening to their conversation on the receiver for the microphone. As the happy couple start to go upstairs to a hotel room, Angel walks about from behind the plant and confronts Claire (the wife). He tells her how he and his employees have been spying on her all day, and how he was just listening in on their conversation. He tells her that he's disgusted with the whole situation, and that she should know that her husband has figured out that she's cheating on him, and she should talk it out with him. Leave, stay, it doesn't matter, but there shouldn't be anymore of this sneaking around and spying. Claire walks away in shock, and Cordelia immediately starts in on Angel. They needed the money this case was bringing in! Suddenly, Angel sees Darla. He runs over and grabs her. The woman is shocked and confused. Angel tells Darla that he doesn't know what she's up to, but she's not going to get away with it. Wesley tries to pull Angel away. Angel says that he can smell her, and she's definitely Darla. A hotel attendant comes over and asks if there's a problem. The woman that looks like Darla says her name is DeEtta Kramer, and her husband is waiting outside for her. Angel scoffs at her, saying she can't pretend to be a human, he knows she isn't going to walk out into that sun. DeEtta Kramer wrenches her arm away from Angel and run to the door yelling for her husband, Stephen. Stephen meets her at the door and they embrace in the sunlight streaming through the glass. Angel looks on in horror.

Angel, Cordy and Wesley return from their failed case. Cordy is still bitching about what a mess it was. Wesley says the good thing is now Angel realizes that he must be wrong because that woman walked right into sunlight. Angel says that it just means she's back and she's human. Angel swears he knows her scent. Wesley says his sense of smell can't be that good. Angel says that Wesley had sex last night with a bleached blonde. Wesley is impressed that Angel could smell that. Cordy is impressed that Wesley had sex. Angel tells Cordy to look up Stephen and DeEtta Kramer's address. Angel is going to the Karaoke bar.

Karaoke bar
Angel sings "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight." He apologizes to the audience for putting them through that. He immediately goes to the green demon with the red horns (when is someone going to tell me this demon's name?) and asks about Darla. The demon says that Angel is at a crucial junction and is headed into trouble. He advises Angel to let her go. Angel can't believe the demon won't tell him any more than that. The demon says that he sets people on their paths, and this is not Angel's path. Angel gets threatening, but the demon says that he knows Angel won't start anything here.

Lobby office
Cordy picks up the phone. It's Angel. She wants to tell him that she and Wesley are worried about him, but he won't listen and just wants the Kramers' address. She gives it to him and he hangs up. Wesley sarcastically congratulates her on a job well done. He pulls out a tranquilizer gun and starts loading it. Cordelia asks if that will really stop Angel if he goes evil again. Wesley decides to call Gunn too.

Kramer house
Angel is spying from the front yard. What he sees looks like a normal couple sitting down to dinner together. Inside, however, we learn that Stephen is a hired actor. There is a man in a black suit hiding in the dining room doorway, and Darla is able to communicate with Lindsey who is sitting in his office. Lindsey assures Darla that it will only be a few more minutes.

Cordy and Wesley are explaining to Gunn about how it's possible for Angel to revert to Angelus, and when he's Angelus, he's about as bad as they come, especially when he's with Darla. They're also trying to figure out how Darla might have come back. Does she have some sort of resurrection powers?

Angel and Darla are getting a little nookie after demolishing a convent full of nuns. Drusilla is there, incoherent and babbling. Darla asks why Angel hasn't eaten her yet. Angel says that he ate her family, but he wants to make her into a vampire. Darla comments that she's a lunatic. Angel smiles and says it will be eternal torment. He asks Darla if he's learning. Darla is amazed at how he's learning. They proceed to make out basically lying in Drusilla's lap. Drusilla just keeps babbling in horror.

Kramer house
Lindsey tells Darla that it's ready. Darla calls 911 and says a man is breaking into her house. The man who was hiding in the doorway vamps out and smacks Darla across the face and then goes after Stephen. Darla starts screaming. Angel comes running in at the sound of her cries for help. As soon as he gets there, Darla yells at him, asking him why he did it. Her "husband," Stephen, is lying on the floor passed out. The cops arrive, burst in the house and immediately pull their guns on Angel as Darla weeps over her "husband's" body. Angel whispers to Darla that she'll pay for this and then runs, escaping into a hatch in the attic.

Outside the Kramer house, later
Kate is talking to Darla. Darla tells Kate the whole story as if she were really DeEtta Kramer. This man named Angel has been following her and calling her Darla. He accosted her at the hotel today, and now this. Stephen is dead. "DeEtta" tells Kate that there's something wrong with Angel's face, and he's biting.... Kate says she'll get him. Kate turns away and suddenly Darla gets whisked up into a tree.

Gunn is still adjusting to the whole idea that Angel can "go bad." Kate comes bursting in with a S.W.A.T. team and tells them to search the place for Angel. She asks Cordy and Wesley to help her if they don't want to go down with their boss. She gets ID from Gunn and has someone run it for a rap sheet. She asks Wesley who Darla is.

Old water tank
Angel brings Darla down into the old water tank. He asks her if she can feel that this is an old convent. She remembers how much he likes old convents. She's still pretending to be DeEtta and be scared of him, but he's not buying it at all. He realizes that she is what Wolfram & Hart brought back in that box, but in human form. He says that Wolfram & Hart seems to think he won't kill a human. They don't know him very well. He vamps out and walks over to Darla. He says it's been a long time since he's said this to anyone, but she can scream all she wants. He leans down to her neck. She suddenly smiles and says she won't scream. She lifts Angel's head and says, "There's my boy." They kiss passionately.

Kate has Gunn's rap sheet. He's gotten into quite a bit of trouble. Cordelia defends Gunn. Kate launches into Angel. Cordelia defends Angel. They realize that Angel somehow got into the house. Obviously he wasn't invited, so the real owners of that house must be dead. Wesley shows Kate a picture of Darla from over a hundred years ago, and even Kate has to admit that she's a dead ringer for DeEtta Kramer.

Old water tank
Angel pushes Darla away and unvamps. He asks her what the plan is. She says she's just having fun. He knows Wolfram & Hart didn't bring her back for fun, so what's the big plan? She reminds him of all the fun they had. He says that since she's human and has a soul now, the memories of all the stuff she did as a vampire are going to come back and haunt her just they do him. She says he can escape it all again if she gives him one moment of happiness. He tells her that she never really made him happy. She can't believe that after 150 years together, he can say that to her. She is jealous of Buffy. She tells him how he was a legendary vampire, and that kind of evil isn't learned, it's innate. She knows her boy is still in there and wants to get out.

The S.W.A.T. team has covered the hotel and hasn't found Angel. Cordelia reminds Kate that if she finds who killed the owners of the house, she'll find who killed Stephen. Kate acknowledges that the theory may hold water, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't blame Angel for all the innocents that get caught in the crossfire. Wesley says Angel is trying to do what's right. Kate leaves.

Old water tank
Darla is still trying to seduce Angel. Angel tells her that if she hurts anyone else, he'll kill her. She says that's probably against his cub scout rules. He says he'll make an exception for her. She tells him he's going to miss those dreams... he said some really nasty things in those dreams. He grabs her by the neck. She pulls out a cross and presses it again his chest until he lets her go. She points out that God still doesn't want him no matter how many good deeds he does... but she still wants him. She walks away into the sunlight coming down the stairs into the water tank.

Angel's room
Angel is sitting alone. Cordy and Wesley come to the door to make sure he's okay. He assures them he's not going evil. Wesley warns him to be careful now that they know Darla is aligned with Wolfram & Hart. Angel says he's ready for them.

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