Synopsis of Guise Will Be Guise

Written by TK

Wesley is puttering around the office when a mafioso-type guy comes in and asks for Angel. Wesley tries to assist the man, but the man insists on seeing Angel. When Wesley says Angel isn't available, the man just leaves. Cordelia comes rushing in and tells Wesley that they have to stop Angel.

At Wolfram & Hart Angel is sneaking into the building with Gunn. Just as the disable some guards and get into an elevator, Cordelia and Wesley come running in dressed in business attire. They try to convince Angel that this is a suicide mission and he shouldn't let his anger get the best of him. Angel assures them he's not angry, but when another guard shows up and Angel takes the guards wooden spike and spikes the guard's foot to the floor, even he has to admit that maybe he's a little angry.

The whole gang is in the karaoke bar, and Gunn is amazed that he's lived in L.A. all his life and never knew that this place existed. Angel is talking to the karaoke host, and the host assures Angel that he doesn't have to sing this time. Instead, he gives Angel directions to the T'ish Magev, a swami that will help Angel get his head on straight.

Angel drives off.

Cordelia and Wesley are puttering around the office. Cordelia thinks maybe this swami will cure Angel's head with magic. Cordelia starts imitating Angel sitting at his desk being all glum and counting his sins.

Angel finds T'ish Magev and is surprised when he's just a middle-aged white guy living in a cabin by a lake.

Back in the office, a thug grabs Cordelia from behind and insists on seeing Angel. He says if she doesn't get Angel right away he's going to shoot her. Wesley overhears, grabs Angel's coat, and walks into the office saying that he's Angel.

Angel and T'ish are talking about Angel's car. Angel is frustrated that they're not talking about his problems, but T'ish starts using Angel's car as a metaphor for his mental problems.

Wesley reminds the thug that a gun won't hurt him, and the thug convinces Wesley to come with him by holding the gun on Cordelia.

The thug brings Wesley to a nice house. Wesley sees two business men finishing a meeting with a terse handshake. The house is swarming with other thugs. One of the businessmen leaves and the other introduces himself to Wesley as Magnus Bryce. Wesley recognizes the name from the business section of the newspaper and says as much. Magnus says that all that legitimate business is actually a front for a lucrative business in wizardry. He gives Wesley a cup of blood to drink and Wesley actually drinks some before pouring the rest into a plant. Magnus explains that someone has been threatening his daughter, and he wants to hire Angel to protect her. Wesley says that if he's in the wizardry business, then he must know plenty of protection spells. Magnus says it's someone in the industry, because they've been getting through all the protection spells. Wesley asks if the other businessman who just left is a suspect. Magnus says yes, that was Paul Lanier. He's in the wish-granting business and could well be suspect. Wesley says that he doesn't like the way he was forced to come here, and he might not want to do it. Magnus says he doesn't really have a choice, but he'll be paid handsomely.

T'ish Magev is explaining to Angel how there are "two yous," and the two people within Angel are constantly battling it out.

Magnus, along with some thugs, brings Wesley to his daughter Virginia's room. Virginia is not exactly excited to meet the vampire with a soul, and suspects that her father forced him into the job. When Wesley and Virginia are left alone, Wesley says that he was sort of forced into it, but that he'll do his best. Virginia takes Wesley shopping.

Cordy has called Gunn over and asks him to go find Angel at T'ish Magev's place. Meanwhile, she plans to look at mug shots and see if she can find the thug that accosted her so that she can track down Wesley and save him from impersonating Angel.

Virginia has taken Wesley to a wizard supplies shop because she's looking for a birthday present for her father's upcoming 50th birthday. Two thugs accost her, and Wesley puts on his tough-guy Angel front and the thugs just let Virginia go and run away.

Angel and T'ish are fighting with sticks. T'ish says Angel is really fighting himself. Angel admits that he's scared to let the demon part of him get control.

T'ish is on the phone tending to a wound on his head from sparring with Angel. He tells the person on the other end of the line that he's not sure how long he can detain Angel because Angel can smell blood and might figure out where he put the real T'ish Magev. Paul Lanier, from the other end of the line, asks the fake T'ish if he just said that Angel was with him. Fake T'ish says he definitely has Angel here with him. Paul Lanier wonders who that English guy was.

Cordy is looking through mug shots on the computer, but gets distracted by a celebrity magazine. In the magazine she finds a picture of Magnus and Virginia Bryce, and her friendly thug in the background.

Wesley and Virginia are returning to her room when they are again accosted by two black-robed thugs. Wesley actually does a little fighting this time and scares them off. Virginia is impressed.

Angel is explaining to the fake T'ish about Darla. Fake T'ish recommends that Angel go have random sex with a girl that looks like Darla. Angel looks at fake T'ish in shock.

Wesley and Virginia are talking in her room, and Virginia says how she'd like to run away from her big important father and just get her own apartment and be a perfume salesman or work in a tire shop. Their chatting turns to kissing. Virginia mentions that she's heard about Angel's curse.

Angel explains to the fake T'ish about the curse and why having random sex with someone who looks like Darla might not be such a good idea. Fake T'ish is sympathetic.

Wesley, in between kissed, tries to explain that the curse isn't all that specific, and has been misinterpreted over time. She asks if he's being honest, and he feels bad and starts to tell her who he really is, but then she starts kissing him again and instead they just fall into bed.

It's now morning, and the sun is shining. Gunn has found T'ish's cabin and is greeted by fake T'ish. Fake T'ish hits Gunn over the head. Angel sees this happen and asks fake T'ish what he did with the real T'ish. Fake T'ish says that the real T'ish has been disposed of. Angel gets angry, but T'ish just taunts him from the sunlight, because Angel is trapped on the porch of the cabin in shadow. Angel grabs a fishing rod and actually hooks T'ish in the mouth and starts to reel him in.

Wesley and Virginia wake up in bed together. They get dressed, and Wesley starts to leave her room. They kiss goodbye. Suddenly Cordy runs up. Wesley asks her how she got in. She says she told the guard she worked for Angel and they let her right in. Wesley remembers that he forgot his coat and Virginia goes to get it for them. Cordy says she's here to rescue Wesley, so they should get going. Wesley says he wants to stay and protect this girl. Virginia comes out with Wesley's coat as her father comes down the hall flanked by his usual thugs. Magnus got a tip that Wesley wasn't really Angel. Virginia is horrified when Wesley admits who he is. Magnus kicks Wesley and Cordelia out of his house. Magnus later rants at one of his thugs saying that the sacrifice almost got screwed up. Magnus says that this is going to the party of his life.

Back at the hotel, Angel and Gunn return to find Wesley and Cordelia. Angel explains how T'ish was a fake, and Wesley puts it together saying that Lanier must have done that to keep Angel busy so that Angel couldn't protect Virginia. Speaking his thoughts aloud, Wesley mentions the Goddess Yeska, which both Magnus and Virginia kept talking about. Angel says that Yeska isn't a goddess, she's a Davric demon, and Davric demons give power if young girls are sacrificed to them, particularly on someone's 50th birthday. Wesley puts it together that Magnus is going to sacrifice Virginia and the gang runs to put a stop to it.

Magnus's party has started. He starts making a toast which turns into a ritual. Virginia is confused and then scared when she finds herself chained to an altar. Magnus anoints her and then Angel's gang runs in. A huge fight starts. Magnus begs Yeska to appear and a huge hag appears in a bolt of lightening. She looks greedily at Virginia, then claims that the sacrifice isn't pure and disappears just as quickly. Angel's gang wins the fight, and Magnus is left weeping over the fact that his daughter isn't a virgin.

Later, Cordelia rants about Wesley and Virginia being in the society section of the newspaper.

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