Quotes from Heartthrob

Gunn: Who's got time for love when you're out there doing it with the demons? Didn't that come out sad and wrong?

Gunn: Buf...
Cordelia: Don't say the B-word!
Gunn: The B-word was the love of his life, and he's, what? 250? That ain't no short life.

Corelia: Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous! And looks how it brings out my breasts. You know you all were thinkin' it.

Wesley: I've always wanted one of these! I didn't think it.... Oh, I can't wait to kill something with it.

Darla: Didn't we eat a poet in Madrid?
Angel: Troubadour.

Darla: Life's full of surprises.
Angelus: Ah, life is boring, you're full of a surprises.

Cordelia: This is gonna be one of those talks where I do the all the talking, isn't it?

James: You think you won because you're still alive? I lived. You just existed.

Angel: I think she'll be coming out of her room any decade now.

Angel: I am okay.
Cordelia: Then what's the problem?
Angel: That I'm okay. That losing Buffy didn't kill me. I could deal with it. In all those years, no one ever mattered, not like she did. And now she's gone... forever.
Cordelia: And you're still here.
Angel: Yeah. I just feel like I'm betraying her somehow.
Cordelia: No! If you were a loser, if you were a sick obsessed vampire, then you'd go to this snot demon or whatever and get your heart cut out. But you're not. You're a living, breathi... well, living, anyway... good guy, who's still fighting and trying to help people, and that's not betraying her, that's honoring her.
Angel: You think?
Cordelia: I'm Cordelia. I don't think, I know. Okay?
Angel: Okay.

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