Quotes from Loyalty

Angel: How cute is this? Huh? Seriously.
Gunn: Seriously, I'd say you got way too much time on your hands.
Fred: Oh, come on, you think it's adorable.
Gunn: Yeah, but at least I'm man enough to deny it.

Angel: You know, hockey is a great sport.
Gunn: You know this is the whitest sport known to man?
Angel: True, but the games are indoors and usually played at night.
Gunn: Gotcha.

The Loa: Your insolence is displeasing.
Wesley: You try chatting with a cranky hamburger.

Sahjhan: Sorry I'm late. Kind of ironic, my being a time-shifter and all.

Gunn: Wesley's a good man. He'll do the right thing, he always does.

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