Quotes from Sleep Tight

Wesley: I didn't sleep very well.
Angel: Yeah, man, you look like hell. And not the fun one where they burn you with hot pokers for all eternity, but the hard-core one with Nixon and Britney Spears.

Fred: Texas doesn't hate the black man, Texas loves the black man.

Wesley: Angel and the people I work with are my family, and when I say I don't want to see anyone get hurt, I mostly mean them.

Justine: Do you believe in anything or is it all just a big scam to you?
Wesley: You're a soldier, fight-to-the-death kind, I respect that. You work for a man who you think is noble and good, I respect that. The trouble is, he's not.
Justine: You work with a vampire.
Wesley: Who, in fact, is noble and good. Quirky, but there it is.

Lilah: Like a cat. I can't hear you, but I'm starting to be able to feel you when you're near. Isn't that nice and creepy? How'd you find me?
Angel: Your assistant.
Lilah: I'll have his arms borken.
Angel: Already taken care of.

Angel: Sleep tight, big guy.

Sahjhan: You do not want the child alive, you want the child dead. That was our arrangement.
Lilah: Yeah. I'm a lawyer. Have you met me? We have a new arrangement, I'm keeping the baby.
Sahjhan: You can't do that.
Lilah: Ignore the loudmouth with the bad skin, he's impotent in this dimension.

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