Quotes from Forgiving

Gunn: If we find him we can ask him.
Fred: If Angel finds him before we do...
Gunn: He'll kill him, and we won't be able to ask him.

Angel: Did you check the files?
Gunn: They're in English. Cordelia's filing system isn't.

Lorne: If you somehow managed to get in, finding Connor would be like looking for a needle in a haystack... the size of China.

Linwood: Once the firm finds out what you've done...
Angel: They'd kill you before they'd kill me.

Fred: We lost a child, you lost Holtz. Isn't that enough already?
Justine: No.
Fred: So, kill everybody? That'll make you happy? Oh. There is no happy for you.

Fred: Okay, throw me away.
Gunn: You want me to put you in the trash?

Fred: It says here, "It can't be coming, it can't be true."
Gunn: That's doomy.

Lorne: You know, not speaking would be a really good look for you.

Angel: I'm not your boyfriend, find somebody else to smack you around.

Sahjhan: Try again, the whole universe could go kaplooey, bad for me, bad for America.

Sahjhan: I flitted back and forth in time, changed the one that threatened me, polished some others. Flitted in a manly way, just so we're clear on that.

Sahjhan: Do I look like I need more skin problems?

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