Quotes from Benediction

Fred: Still no answer on his cell phone.
Cordelia: That could mean something if he actually knew how to use it.

Angel: He survived Quor-Toth this long, he can take care of himself.
Fred: Okay, so he survived an unspeakable hell dimension. Who hasn't? You can't just leave him alone in the streets of Los Angeles!

Angel: Listen, um... I, uh, I have to go out for awhile.
Connor: It's okay.
Angel: It's kind of my job.
Connor: Yeah, whatever. Angel: It could be kind of dangerous. There's a lot of killing and violence. You wanna come?

Fred: It looks like we've been following Angel's son's emissions the whole time.
Gunn: Now there's a sentence I don't ever need to hear again.

Connor: Filthy demon.
Lorne: Actually, that's Uncle Filthy Demon to you.

Connor: I might have tried to kill your friend.
Angel: Yeah, well... she's used to it.

Connor: I don't have a home.
Angel: That's not true. You just don't remember, that's all.

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