Quotes from Carpe Noctem

Fred: Why do girls want to look like that? I spent years in a cave starving. What's their excuse?
Cordelia: Fashion.

Cordelia: If Julia Roberts ever makes a realistic movie about being an escort, I think it should be called "Pretty Skanky Woman."

Wesley: This isn't like him.
Cordelia: What? This is totally like him. Doing the mystery dance with some cheap blonde?
Fred: Brunette. She was a cheap brunette.
Cordelia: You're right, this isn't like him.

Angel: You may have the attitude, and you may have the power, but there's one thing you don't have and never will: friends. Four of them, standing behind you, with big heavy things.

Cordelia: God, I love technology.

Angel: I'll tell you why you have a weak heart, Marcus, you never use it.

Cordelia: She's alive. Buffy's alive!

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