Quotes from Offspring

Angel: I've never known anyone like you.
Cordelia: Well, duh.

Cordelia: Are you all right?
Angel: I'm a vampire, you can't hurt me.

Gunn: It's like the eye follows you wherever you go.

Gunn: I got a bad feeling about this.
Wesley: We'll figure something out. It's just a vault.
Gunn: Actually, my bad feeling is more about the man standing behind you with the large revolver.

Fred: She's such a hero with the visions and the courage. It's only natural that you and she would be drawn to one another.

Cordelia: You're not gonna want a hug, are you?
Angel: No.

Cordelia: What are friends for?
Darla: If you ask me, they're for knockin' you up and leavin' you high and dry.

Fred: Who's Darla?
Gunn: Angel's old flame from way back.
Fred: Not the one who died?
Gunn: Yeah. No, not that one. The other one that died and came back to life. She's a vampire.
Fred: Do y'all have a chart or something?
Gunn: In the files. I'll get it for you later.

Angel: This is impossible.
Darla: Tell me about it, daddy.

Host: This is way beyond my ken... and my Barbie and all my action figures.

Angel: I don't see how anything spawned by Darla and me could be good.

Wesley: She got away.
Gunn: We tried to stop her by hittin' her fists and feet with our faces.

Cordelia: She looked so helpless... like a mother. I forgot what she really was.

Darla: Oh, I love children. I could just eat 'em up.

Cordelia: It has a soul.
Wesley: Well, Angel has a soul. It makes sense... as much as any of this does.

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