Quotes from Lullaby

Gunn: If you ask me, what we could really use right now is some Vaseline and a catcher's mitt.

Darla: I don't breathe!

Gavin: He's gonna crucify us.
Lilah: They don't crucify here. It's too Christian.

Holtz: She's not even a vampire.
Lilah: No, I'm an attorney.

Angel: Lilah?
Lilah: What?
Angel: Duck.

Holtz: The only business I have with Darla is to send her back to the hell that made her.

Holtz: He's not the same vampire.
Sahjhan: Of course he is. His hair's a little shorter, a little spikier. He's using product, but it's the same guy.

Fred: You gave us quite a scare. But I guess you're used to that, what with being a scary thing and all.

Angel: Is she gonna be okay?
Wesley: She's tough as nails.
Fred: And immortal, so that's, you know, in her favor, health-wise.

Darla: He's dying. Isn't he?
Angel: No.
Darla: You lied much better when you didn't have a soul.

Holtz: I swore that I would show no mercy, and I won't.

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