Synopsis of Sleep Tight

Written by TK

Lorne sees a client, Kim, who is a singer with a band. As Kim sings for Lorne so he can read her, she actually turns into a demon for a few seconds. Lorne informs Angel Investigations and after asking her a few questions, they realize that Kim's band must be wraiths, demons who can appear in human form for awhile. They prescribe Kim some medication to keep her from having any more demon episodes, and they go after the wraith band.

Wesley, now that all the "signs" have come true, is more and more scared for Connor, particularly when Angel seems to be drinking more blood than usual and having more of a temper than usual. Wesley goes to Holtz and makes a deal with him not to attack until he gets away with the child.

After Angel makes short work of the band wraiths, he returns to the hotel with Gunn and Fred. Connor is fussing, and Angel starts to yell at him. Even Angel is shocked by his own behavior, and the gang notices that he's been drinking a lot more blood than usual. Fred analyzes the blood and they figure out that his pig's blood has been spiked with Connor's blood.

Angel tracks down Lilah at a bar and asks her why she would do something so horrible as to make him want to eat his own child. She says that this is just what she does. Sahjhan appears and asks Lilah why she's having a drink with his sworn enemy. Angel realizes that Sahjhan was the one who brought Holtz to this time period, but doesn't know why Sahjhan thinks Angel is his sworn enemy since he doesn't ever remember meeting him before.

Wesley tells Lorne he's going to take Connor for the night, but as he hums a lullaby to Connor, Lorne reads him. Wesley knocks Lorne out in his office and prepares to take off with Connor. Angel, Gunn and Fred all return and bid Wesley and Connor a good night. Just after Wesley leaves with the baby, Holtz attacks with his warriors. Holtz is disappointed that Connor isn't there, and is even more disappointed when his warriors are quickly disposed of by Angel, Gunn, Fred, and a slowly recovering Lorne. After Holtz has turned tail and run, Angel asks Lorne what happened to him. Lorne explains that he read Wesley, and Wesley has been to see Holtz behind Angel's back and is kidnapping the baby.

Angel uses one of Holtz's captured soldiers to figure out where Holtz is. Meanwhile, Justine intercepts Wesley and slashes him in the neck, stealing Connor. Lilah is hot on Holtz's tail as well. Justine picks up Holtz and they being their escape with the baby, their plan being to raise the baby as their own child in a small farm in Utah. They are intercepted by both Angel and Lilah. Holtz threatens to kill the baby if anyone attacks him. Sahjhan appears and tells Lilah to kill the baby, but Lilah wants him alive. Angel is prepared to let Holtz go with Connor just to keep Connor alive, but Sahjhan opens a portal to a hell dimension and tells everyone that he'll suck them into it if the baby isn't killed. Holtz runs with Connor in his arms into the hell dimension portal, and Sahjhan closes it after him, pleased with the unexpected result. Lilah leaves, frustrated with amount of paperwork she'll now have to do. Angel is left crying in the dirt after his son.

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