Quotes from Deep Down

Wesley: To family!
Angel: To family!
Lorne: As long as it's not mine.

Fred: He's lost the mission, bro.
Gunn: Well, we're about to lose this whole place, and you know you can't say "bro." All right, we need to start hustling up some paying clients.
Fred: We will, as soon as we find Marissa. Can I say "dog?"

Gunn: This is a finesse job. He's a blunt instrument.

Gunn: If he ain't dead I'm gonna kill him.

Fred: He's just a boy.
Gunn: You sure about that? Offspring of two vampires? Last time I checked that's not supposed to happen. And jumping off a six-story without busting your coconut kind of sways me to the side of "not just a boy." I mean, come one, Fred, his nickname back on Quor-Toth was "The Destroyer," and unless you put "Conan" in front of that I'm guessing that's not a good sign.

Fred: He's Angel's son. That's all that matters.

Fred: With Angel gone, you're the alpha male.
Gunn: Damn straight.
Fred: Don't let it go to your head.
Gunn: That's not the direction it's flowing.

Fred: I would have done anything for him. Now all I want to do is hurt him.

Wesley: He'll need more blood. I'm fresh out.

Angel: Sit... down.

Angel: So, how was your summer? Mine was fun. I saw some fish, went mad with hunger, hallucinated a whole bunch.

Angel: What you did to me was unbelievable, Connor. But then, I got stuck in a hell dimension by my girlfriend one time for a hundred years, so a few months under the ocean actually gave me persepcitvie... kind of an M.C. Escher perspective.

Angel: I love you, Connor. Now, get out of my house.

Cordelia: God, I am so bored.

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