Quotes from Soulless

Wesley: Angel is gone.

Wesley: I spent my life training for this and I'm still not ready.

Cordelia: He distorts everything. He lies with the truth. It's part of what makes him so dangerous.

Connor: Everyone's afraid of you.
Angelus: Is that my shirt?
Connor: Not anymore.
Angelus: Looks good on you, son.
Connor: So did Cordy.
Angelus: She looks good on everybody.

Connor: Angel's just something that you're forced to wear. You're my real father.

Angel: I hear the new Mustang's nice.
Cordelia: Something better.
Angel: What's a better ride than a Mustang?
Cordelia: Me.

Angelus: The more you piss me off, the longer I'll keep you alive.

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