Quotes from Salvage

Cordelia: It's started.

Angelus: I'm no different than the next guy, I put my victim's skin on one leg at a time.

Connor: He has to be destroyed, and I'm the destroyer.

Lilah: Let's just get it over with. That body's not gonna dismember itself, y'know.

Angelus: When the Beastmaster's ready to peak out from behind your skirt, have him give me a call.

Faith: Step away from the glass.

Faith: You okay?
Wesley: Five by five.

Wesley: Thought you could use a little release. Feel natural?
Faith: Eh, just like riding a biker.

Cordelia: Wasn't she convicted of murder and sent to a state correctional facility for, like, a gazillion years?
Faith: Murder 2, 25 to life, for the record.

Faith: I get it, you're a super-being. Are you a murderer? 'Cause I am.

Angelus: Honey, I brought a guest home for dinner! Let's eat.

Angelus: I guess we'll just have to take a raincheck on that whole eviscerating you thing.

Cordelia: A weakness for slayers... you're definitely his son.

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