Quotes from Inside Out

Angel: All this time, it was you, wasn't it.
Cordelia: Took you long enough to figure it out, but nice turn with the Lorne bait. You know there was a time I would have seen that one coming eons before it crossed your tiny little mind.
Angel: Because you're so clever.
Cordelia: On a scale of you to me? Pretty damn.

Angel: We don't know it's really Cordy.
Fred: Or what's she got baking in her oven.
Gunn: Evil and pregnant? I'm guessin' it ain't cookies.

Fred: Scented candles, a couple of broken pieces of the mou-ping, and some toiletries that smell way too pretty to be evil. It's not much to go on. As inisidious lairs go, it kept Cordy's room nice and tidy. I think it even vacuumed.

Angel: Tell me what happened to Cordelia.
Skip: Or what? You'll bleed me on me some more?

Wesley: What do you want to do?
Skip: The only thing he can do, kill the woman he loves to save the world. Times like this? Really gotta suck bein' you.

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