Quotes from Ground State

Angel: He's confused. He needs time, that's all.
Fred: Right. Time and some corporal punishment with a large heavy mallet.

Angel: What should I do, then? Send her a gift? Sacrifice? Unholy fruit basket?

Gwen: Blah, blah, polysyllabic blah.

Gunn: How much is it?
Angel & Fred: 33 million dollars.
Gunn: *cough* I think my lungs *cough* have coffee.
Fred: I'm still working on a plan, but so far it involves being sent to prison and becoming somebody's bitch.

Gunn: That's my girl, large and in charge. Okay, teensy-weensy and in charge.

Wesley: I don't need to hear your evil plans.
Lilah: No, it just turns you on knowing that I have them.
Wesley: Shut up, Lilah.
Lilah: Make me.

Gunn: Damn, this is so much harder than it looks on Batman.

Fred: Oh, please let my cellmate be gentle.

Angel: Tell me you're not here for the Axis.
Gwen: I'm not here for the Axis.
Angel: You're lying.
Gwen: I'm fibbing. It's lying, only classier.

Angel: Miss me?
Lilah: Only in the sense of... no.

Gwen: You're really gonna use that Axis thing to find her, aren't you? It figures. Anyone that bad at stealing stuff's gotta be doin' it for love. Bummer.

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