Quotes from Sacrifice

Radio announcer: In an impromptu speech today, the mayor (I really love that guy, don't you?), the mayor declared Los Angeles the first citadel of Jasmine, a cradle of civilization that will usher in a new age for all of humanity. In related news, the L.A. archdiocese has stated to the press that it will remove all false idols from its churches, the replacing them with images of She Who Walks Among Us. Way to go, Catholic Church.

Fred: Look at 'em. They're all so happy.
Gunn: Yeah, they'll be happier when they're gouging out our eyes and stomping on us 'til their shoes get sticky.

Lorne: He is strange, but under that blood-feeding creature of the night facade, he seems a bit heartless.
Angel: Hearts get in the way.
Lorne: Hearing's as good as ever, boss

Angel: Let's go get professional on this evil son of a bitch's ass.

Golden: Excuse me, not talking to the horned demon, talking to the vampire. Thank you.

Spider demon: I just messenger from the ones who love truly.
Angel: Well then... I guess it's time to shoot the messenger. Or, y'know, chop the messenger into little bitty pieces. Whatever.

Wesley: I think the universe just handed us our first break.

Wesley: I'm just guessing that he's bigger and meaner than our big mean friend over there.

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