Quotes from Home

Lilah: This is the offer of a lifetime. Just not, y'know, mine.

Fred: But there is no Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart. The Beast destroyed it.
Lilah: Oh, it's back, restaffed and zombie free. We're bigger, better, and shinier than ever. And we want to give it to you.
Gunn: You want to give us your evil law firm? We ain't lawyers!
Fred: Or evil. Currently.

Fred: We ended a nefarious global-domination scheme, not world peace. Right?

Gunn: Couldn't have been easy for you seeing Lilah again like that.
Wesley: Ah, yes. That was awkward, wasn't it? You decapitate a loved one, you don't exepct them to come visiting.
Gunn: Loved one?
Wesley: Figure of speech.

Lilah: Just because we tried to kill or corrupt each and every one of you at one time or another doesn't mean we can't be trusted.

Lilah: Come on, Charlie, let me show you around the chocolate factory.

Fred: You're like the MacGyver of Wolfram & Hart.
Nerd: You're not wrong. I can make practially anything out of a fully equipped multi-million dollar lab.

Angel: I'm not bursting into flames.
Lilah: Nope. Necro-tempered glass. The whole building's fitted with it. Helps keep those uplifting wholesome rays from charbroiling the boss. And 30% more energy efficient.

Lilah: Flames wouldn't be eternal if they actually consumed anything.

Angel: I really do love you, Connor.
Connor: So what are you gonna do about it?
Angel: Prove it.

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