Quotes from Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Angel: That could've been a disaster. "Oh hi, welcome back, you're safe. By the way, there's a green demon right behind you."
Fred: Don't you think we should tell her? I mean, we do live in a world of demons and icky things, she's bound to find out.
Angel: Well yeah, sure, but, I mean, let's be smart. I want her to remember who I am before I freak her out with the whole I'm dead, drinks blood part of my resumé.

Gunn: So, I look Russian to you?
Cordelia: Black Russian.
Angel: That's a drink.
Cordelia: Says the head spy.

Angel: Maybe we haven't been 100% honest, because, well... we were afraid the truth would scare you.
Cordelia: Yeah, and the lying and deceit have been so comforting.

Fred: Does he look a little green to you? A little... more than usual?

Cordelia: You keep saying I was a higher being. Don't make me turn you into a rat!
Gunn: Can she do that?
Fred: Um...

Angel: If it's that bad, I need to know.
Lorne: It's that bad. Good night.

Lorne: Do the words "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" ring a bell? Or how about "despair," "torment," "terror?"

Connor: You're not safe here.
Cordelia: Ya think?

Fred: Have you been caffeinating your blood again, or is there something you're not telling us?

Cordelia: You're him. You're Angel's son.
Connor: It's not like I got to choose.

Wesley: You're leaving?
Lilah: Mmm, no rest for the wicked.

Connor: You're safe.
Cordelia: Then why am I so scared?

Connor: You like shoes... and doughnuts... and you're very brave.
Cordelia: Really? Doughnuts?
Connor: And you're brave.

Wesley: A bit careless, misplacing her after all the effort to find her.

Gunn: That's right, monkey boys, don't mess with the big dog!

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