Quotes from Supersymmetry

Lorne: I'm not a champion. I'm just a regular old karaoke-singing empath demon.

Angel: You should take her fuzzy slippers. Her feet get cold.
Connor: I know. She's always stealing the covers.

Connor: How does that feel?
Cordelia: Uh, woodsy.
Connor: Maybe you miss the action, the thrill of the kill. You know, you used to be a demon hunter. It's true. You're just out of practice. It'll come back fast, though. I can train you.
Cordelia: What should I wear?

Angel: Uh, vampire. Strangling, not gonna happen.

Angel: About Lorne? There's gonna be a conversation.
Lilah: Y'know, Angel, coming from you, idle threats are so, well, idle.
Angel: You remember when I ripped your car in half?
Lilah: Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash.

Angel: They talk about me in the chatty rooms?

Fred: He's the son of a bitch that sent me to Pylea.
Gunn: What?
Angel: We're gonna get this guy.
Gunn: Count on it. He's gonna pay.
Fred: No, he's gonna die.

Fred: Is that his tongue?

Fred: You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch.

Angel: Come on, I'm holding your head.

Angel: Had a run-in with a Vornak demon. Turns out they have nine lives.
Cordelia: Like a cat?
Angel: Only less stand-offish.

Cordelia: Were we in love?

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