Quotes from Long Day's Journey

Cordelia: You're the leader. So lead.

Angel: It's time to take down The Beast.

Gwen: Demon, okay? The full nine. Cloven feet, and horns, and teeth, and.... He wasn't wearing lamé, though.
Lorne: The evil ones can't pull it off, it gets camp.

Gwen: Jeez. Where were you when they taught stealth in superpower school?

Angel: We can protect you.
Manny: Right, superhunk and spandexia.

Angel: Good news is, we've discovered The Beast's plan.
Gunn: Which is?
Manny: To blot out the sun for all of eternity. You guys got a john?

Cordelia: Why did the smelly yucky man say that? He's joking, right?
Angel: No. Apparently there is a ritual using member of the Ra-tet to change day into night... forever.
Wesley: As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck.

Connor: Dad...
Angel: It's okay, Connor. I'm here now.

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