Synopsis of Deep Down

Written by Brandee Mode

The first scene starts with Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred, Connor and Wesley sitting around a large table covered with food and fancy dishes. Everyone is smiling and happy, especially Angel, who wants to treasure the moment forever. They start passing around the dishes but they seem to be ignoring Angel. He finally reaches out and grabs a dish but suddenly the food on the platter is gone. He reaches to get Cordelia's attention but breaks a glass. Suddenly the scene switches so everything has a blue tint to it, and when Angel looks down there is water everywhere a few feet deep. Angel looks up to find only Connor, who tells him to "freeze the moment." Then Angel is startled awake to find he is still trapped in the make-shift coffin at the bottom of the ocean.

Connor has spent the summer under the care of Fred and Gunn, who have been spending their time searching for Angel and Cordelia. At the hotel, Fred and Gunn discuss what to tell Connor about their financial situation: they are close to being evicted due to a lack of cases to solve. Fred wishes Lorne were around to help, but he is still in Las Vegas. Apparently when she calls him, he seems too busy to talk.

Angel has another dream about being on the bluff with Cordelia. He's happy at first, but then he gets flashes of the way it really happened and tells her he knows this isn't real. She tells him she "likes this version better". Cordelia tells Angel she loves him and they start to kiss, but he ends up changing into vamp face and biting her. Angel wakes up screaming.

Fred and Gunn prepare to go search for a vampire named Marissa, whom they think has information about Angel's location. Connor overhears and wants to go with them. Fred tells him to go get his weapons and while he's gone, she discusses with Gunn how much Connor wants Angel to be found. Gunn doesn't think it's a good idea to take Connor because...

GUNN: "Getting information is a finesse job. He's a blunt instrument."
FRED: "You wanna tell him no? You saw how much he's hurting."
GUNN: "How do you think he's going to feel if all she saw was sand and seaweed? This is it Fred. No Angel, no Cordelia. We can't find Holtz, the psycho girlfriend is gone, we got nothing."

Fred suggests Wolfram and Hart, but Gunn says that won't work because they probably don't want Angel to be found and they have nothing to offer in return anyway. Fred suggests asking Wesley for help but Gunn refuses. He's unsure if Wesley even cares about them anymore. Fred thinks they haven't given him a reason to care. Gunn claims that Wesley has already made his choice.

After Wesley and Lilah finish having sex, she makes a subtle inquiry to find out if Wesley has spoken to Angel. He says he doesn't know where Angel is and doesn't care. After Lilah leaves, we learn that Wesley has Justine tied and gagged in a cage that's hidden in the closet. Wesley takes Justine with him on a boat to search for the coffin using sonar. A comment she makes, let's us know that this is not the first time they have been searching for Angel. Justine is not happy to be looking for Angel again, but she says it's better that sitting in the cage all day with "nothing to do except fill my bucket". They discuss the past: deception, justice, and forgiveness (or lack of it). When he has his back turned to her, she attempts to sneak up on him with a wrench but he senses her attack and threatens to take away her bucket. She relents and puts down the wrench.

Fred, Gunn and Connor find Marissa and begin to question her but she gets away. Connor gets her alone before Gunn and Fred can catch up. It turns out that Marissa saw Connor push Angel into the ocean. Connor stakes Marissa, and when Fred and Gunn arrive, he pretends she attacked first. Gunn scolds Connor for being impulsive. Connor drops the stake and jumps off the side of the building. Fred admonishes Gunn for being too harsh with Connor and says he's "just a boy" but Gunn reminds her that Connor is the son of two vampires, he just jumped off a six-story building and didn't get hurt and his nickname was The Destroyer.

Angel has another dream: this time he is on a rooftop fighting with Connor against a group of vampires. After dusting them, Angel kills Connor by breaking his neck. Again, Angel wakes up screaming.

Fred has a brief conversation with Lorne over the phone. She asks if he has been able to get any information about Cordelia and Angel. Lorne claims to have been really busy. The man who handed the phone to Lorne seems to be rushing him to end the phone call. Lorne ends the call by telling Fred to "make sure Fluffy is getting enough love" which confuses Fred but she quickly forgets it.

[That will become important later.]

Over at Wolfram and Hart, Linwood tells Lilah that they finally have some information about Angel's location. They don't know exactly where he is now but they do know he is "contained and out of play" and that's all they need for now. Linwood also informs Lilah that they know she's been sleeping with Wesley.

The sonar picks up something and Wesley orders Justine to take a dive and investigate. It is the coffin and they raise it onto the boat. When it's opened, Angel reaches out and grabs Wesley's throat. But Angel is weak and Wesley easily removes the hand as Angel loses consciousness. Wesley puts Angel on a table and begins to give Angel animal blood. At Justine's questioning, he explains that while vampires can live indefinitely without feeding, higher brain function will suffer if the vampire is starved long enough. Justine tells him that saving Angel won't make a difference because they all hate Wesley and they won't accept him back.

Connor returns to the hotel, assuming he is going to get yelled at. Gunn and Fred tell him they won't yell, but try to explain their concern for him and impress upon him the importance of working together. Gunn compares Connor to Angel and that makes Connor angry. After Connor leaves the room, Fred tells Gunn that he is the dominant male with Angel away and that Connor is just testing him. They are interrupted by a phone call.

Angel wakes up to see Lorne standing over him and he mentions Connor, claiming that he would "take out" Connor if he wasn't "just a crappy hallucination". When Wesley returns downstairs, Justine tells him that Angel won't stop talking. The Lorne hallucination wants to "bitch-slap" Justine. Wesley steps near Angel, who looks up and thinks it's Connor. Angel says he "should have killed you". Not realizing that Angel is speaking to hallucination-Connor, rather that Wesley, Justine laughs and wishes for a camera to capture the expression on Wesley's face. Wesley decides that Angel has been without blood for too long and needs something more substantial than pig's blood. Wesley cuts his arm and lets Angel feed from it.

Back at Wolfram and Hart, they are having a meeting. Linwood says it's clear that Lilah has had more failures than successes. Gavin wants her to be demoted to an office in a third-world dimension. Linwood claims that a lack of long-term vision has always been one of her faults. Lilah claims that fear has always been one of his faults and that "fear breeds weakness". Linwood doesn't care what she thinks until he finds out that one of the Senior partners agree with her, then he gets nervous. He angrily asks if she actually went over his head. She pushes a button that releases a large blade from the side of Linwood's chair, which promptly decapitates him. She calmly says that she went "just under it". She informs the others that they report to her now and orders Gavin to remove Linwood's head.

Fred enters Connor's room and gives him a sandwich, encouraging him to eat. Connor asks if Gunn is still angry and offers an apology. Fred tells him she knows that he has been through a lot, being raised in "that place". Her tone changes as she explains that she knows he is hurting but not as much as he's going to hurt for what he did to Angel. Fred pulls out a taser gun and zaps him in the chest a few times causing him to scream.

Connor wakes up in the hotel office and discovers he is tied to a chair. Gunn and Fred explain that they got a call earlier from an "old friend" who is now on a boat with Angel. Connor's facial expression shows that he is not happy about Angel being found. Gunn thinks Connor will get a beating when Angel returns and asks Connor what he did to Cordelia. Fred feels extremely betrayed and ends up zapping Connor with the taser again.

Wesley has loaded Angel into a car and Justine is handcuffed to something, (not sure what it is). Wesley tells her she can choose to remain a slave or to live her life. He tosses the key to the handcuffs to her and drives away.

Connor tells Fred and Gunn that Angel got what he deserved. Fred wonders how long it would have been until Connor thought she and Gunn deserved it. Wesley enters the lobby, assisting Angel inside. Gunn asks why he waited so long to tell them about Connor. Wesley knew Connor wouldn't hurt them because they are human and he thought they were safer not knowing; hearing that makes Fred angry. Wesley just tells her that Angel will need more blood; he doesn't have anymore. Wesley leaves.

They hear a noise in the office and run in to discover that Connor has gotten loose. Connor throws Gunn across the room and uses the taser on Fred. Connor turns to leave but Angel is now standing in the doorway. Angel orders Connor to sit, which he does. Angel calmly explains how he spent his summer: "saw some fish, went mad with hunger, hallucinated a whole bunch". Connor again insists that Angel got what he deserved. Angel knows that Connor thinks he killed Holtz and he finally has the chance to explain that Holtz had Justine kill him with an ice pick.

CONNOR: "Even if, you still deserved it."
ANGEL: "What I deserve is open to debate. But understand there is a difference between wishing vengeance on someone and taking it. The question becomes (pause) what you deserve."

Connor is visibly scared and tries to run. Angel throws Connor against the wall and explains that Wesley told him what has been happening while he was underwater. Angel says what Connor deserves will depend on whether or not he did something to Cordelia. Connor says he didn't do anything to her. Fred and Gunn think Connor is lying but Angel says Connor has lied enough that he knows the difference. Angel tells Connor what he did "was unbelievable."

ANGEL: "...but then I got stuck in a hell dimension by my girlfriend one time for 100 years, so a few months under the ocean actually gave me perspective."

Angel continues and tells Connor that the world is a cruel place and that's why there are champions to show people how good the world could be. He knows Connor is not part of that right now, but hopes that someday he will be. Angel tells Connor he loves him, and then orders him to get out. Connor leaves. Angel is obviously tired and Fred suggests that he get some rest. Angel insists that they need to find Cordelia NOW. Somewhere *up there* we see Cordelia, by herself, surrounded by bright light. She complains that she is SO bored.

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