Quotes from Damage

Gunn: Sometime you gotta work the system before it works you.
Fred: Is that our new motto?

Angel: I think I liked you better when you just wanted to hit people.
Gunn: Rational thought, it's an acquired taste.

Spike: Just thought I'd see what it was like to bounce off the pavement. Pretty much what I expected.

Andrew: So, what happened? Last I heard you went all pillar of fire down in the hellmouth.
Angel: Can we save memory lane until after we contain the psycho superpower killing machine?

Andrew: I see your senses seem to be as well-honed as your Viggo Mortenson pectorals.

Fred: We've got his hands.

Andrew: She's a Slayer. That means she's ours.

Andrew: I got twelve vampire slayers behind me and not one of them has ever dated you.

Angel: You're way out your league. I'll just clear this with Buffy.
Andrew: Where do you think my orders came from? News flash, nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram & Hart. Don't fool yourself, we're not on the same side.

Spike: The lass thought I killed her family... and I'm supposed to, what, complain? 'Cause hers wasn't one of the hundreds of families I did kill?

Spike: Andrew double-crossed us? That was a good move. Hope for the little ponce yet.

Spike: She's one of us now. She's a monster.
Angel: She's an innocent victim.
Spike: So were we, once upon a time.
Angel: Once upon a time.

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