Quotes from You're Welcome

Fred: Oh God.
Wesley: I think God is out for the moment.

Angel: Now, I find Greenway and I kill every inch of him.

Angel: Evil wins. 'Cause instead of just wiping it out, we negotiate with it. Or worse, for it.

Cordelia: Oh my God, Gunn, you have hair.
Gunn: Oh, yeah. What'd you think, I was prematurely bald? *pause* I wasn't.

Harmony: So, how was the coma?

Eve: Who's your friend, Angel?
Cordelia: I'm Cordelia Chase.
Eve: Oh. My name is...
Cordelia: I didn't ask.

Spike: Feel my wrath, gorilla throwing barrels!

Cordelia: Okay, Spike's a hero, and you're CEO of hell incorporated. What freakin' bizzare world did I wake up in?

Wesley: I think I sort of miss this, you and me and the books, kickin' it old school as they say... and I never will again.

Cordelia: This place is like a rat maze, complete with rats.

Cordelia: Spike, well, I heard you weren't evil anymore, which kinda makes the hair silly.

Spike: She's evil, you gormless tit!
Cordelia: Excuse me? Who bit whom?
Angel: Did you call me a tit?
Cordelia: I thought he had a soul.
Spike: I thought she didn't.
Cordelia: I do.
Spike: So do I.
Cordelia: Well, clearly mine's better.

Spike: It was a taste test, you git. I needed to know if what my source said was true. And, actually, well, you don't taste evil. Demons are more astringent with a sort of oaky....

Cordelia: Get out of that chair and I will feed you those Manolo Blahniks... which are stunning by the way.

Angel: I can't just... torture her.
Fred: He's right, Cordy, if we sink to their level, then...
Angel: Harmony!
Harmony: Is this okay? I mean, I am evil, technically. I don't mind torturing her for the team.

Angel: Harmony, guard Eve. She moves, eat her.
Harmony: Really? Thanks.
Fred: Angel, you're not going down there alone.
Angel: The fail-safe's meant for me, I'm not gonna risk anybody I care about.
Spike: I'll go.
Angel: Okay.

Cordelia: Angel, you can order me around all you want, but I know my rights, and I wanna see a lawyer.

Angel: Zombies. Oh. Swell.

Spike: Come on, lads, no need to be gentle. We're all dead men here.

Lorne: Why don't they ever need the urine of an unclean? I've got plenty of unclean urine.... Oh, God, I think I'm getting some right now.

Lindsey: You used to have fire in your heart. Now all you've got in there is that big honkin' sword.

Angel: I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys.

Angel: I think the senior partners would like a word.
Lindsey: You don't think they're angry, do you?

Cordelia: Oh, and you're welcome.

Angel: When did she die?

Angel: Thank you.

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