Quotes from Why We Fight

Fred: What did we do with our lives before we got thse jobs?
Wesley: I seem to recall lots and lots of Jenga.

Petrie: Say what you will about the Kraut, them sons of bitches know how to build a boat.

Spike: Angelus... they'll let anyone in here. Of all the bloody faces I expected to see down here.
Angel: You're a Nazi.
Spike: What? Oh, no, I just ate one.

Spike: Don't ever go to a free virgin blood party. Turns out, it's probably a trap.

Spike: He likes to pretend he's the boss.

Lawson: Aren't you gonna ask me how I got in here?
Angel: No. You'd be amazed at how many people break into this building on a regular basis.

Lawson: There's a difference between orders and purpose, sir.

Prince of Lies: I will suck your brain from your skull and digest your thoughts like a sour pudding.

Hodge: How does a guy just explode like that?
Lawson: Man's asking a good question.
Angel: You really need an answer?
Lawson: Might help if I heard it for sure.
Angel: Vampire.
Lawson: Yeah, I take it back, doesn't help.

Lawson: They look smaller.

Angel: Killing them is not gonna change the past.
Lawson: But it'll hurt you. Maybe that's enough.
Angel: Never is.

Lawson: Come on, chief. Give me a mission.

Spike: Really ought to do something about security. They'll let anybody in here, won't they.

Spike: What was he looking for?
Angel: A reason.

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