Quotes from Unleashed

Spike: You and your serious girl spectacles were gonna help me with my bloody little problem.

Spike: I had a wee spat with a werewolf once myself. Fought for over an hour. Brutal, vicious, almost lost my....
Fred: Angel killed him with a pen.

Angel: You know that whoosh thing you do when you're suddenly not there anymore? I love that.

Angel: I'm not a werewolf like you, but I know what it's like. I'm a monster too.
Nina: So, what, you're like a Frankenstein?
Angel: What? No.

Nina: He saves a lot of girls, huh.
Fred: Girls, guys, puppies... he's pretty much an equal opportunity saver.

Lorne: Okay, Atlas, how about a shrug?

Angel: Where is she?
Dr. Royce: I don't know what you're...
Angel: Wrong answer.
Dr. Royce: But it's a secret. If I tell you, this man... he's not like you, he's a... well, no offense, but he's scarier than you!
Angel: Wanna bet?

Gunn: I'm all up in the law now, but damn, it feels good to get my violence on.

Spike: Last gasp before fire and brimstone. Let's party.

Nina: She's a really good artist.
Angel: Oh. My refrigerator's always available if she's lookin' to show.

Nina: Next thing you're gonna tell me you like being a vampire.
Angel: Being nearly indestructible is cool.

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