Alexis Denisof

Wesley Wyndam Price

Alexis Denisof was cast as Wesley Wyndam Price in the third season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" after Giles had been fired by the Watcher's Council as Buffy's Watcher. Officially, he is the watcher of both slayers, but deems himself Faith's Watcher and was quite upset when Faith turned to the evil side of things. He had a brief crush on Cordelia, which ended badly after their sloppy kiss and Wesley was informed his services would no longer be required by the Council. He was tempted to return to his old ways in "Sanctuary", but chose to remain loyal to Angel and Cordelia.


The only pictures I have been able to find of Wesley were screen shots. However, since he is now a series regular on "Angel", he should be featured in the promotional pictures shot for each season, so when the season two pictures are released, they will be posted here, replacing the screen shots.
These screen shots are all from his role on "Buffy". Screen shots from "Angel" will be added as soon as I can find them.