Eliza Dushku


Faith is another Sunnydale character who came to LA, after bad experiences in Sunnydale with fellow slayer, Buffy Summers. Faith was first introduced in the third season episode "Faith, Hope & Trick" and added a new rebellious side to the profession of slaying, as well as a sense of carelessness. That carelessness caused the two Slayers a great deal of trouble when she accidentally staked a man in an alley and killed him. Faith refused to accept responsibility for her actions, even attempting to convince Giles that Buffy was responsible for the killing. Faith soon joined forces with the Mayor to aid him in his plans for Ascension, but her stabbing by Buffy landed her in an eight-month coma. She woke up seeking revenge and after getting under Buffy's skin for a while (literally), she left town and came to LA, where Lindsey hired her to kill Angel. Her emotions soon overcame her and sought Angel's help in choosing the right thing to do. She did so, when she turned herself into police.

Joss Whedon recently said that Eliza would appear more on "Angel" than "Buffy" this coming season. Eliza will be seen on screen in January 2001 in the film "Soul Survivor" and also in "Bring It On," (previously known as "Jump" and "Cheer Fever") in August 2000, films she made during her hiatus from "Buffy".