Glenn Quinn

Allan Francis Doyle ("Doyle")

Doyle was the first original character introduced to the "Angel" series. He was sent to Angel by "The Powers That Be", an entity or being which gives him visions to help Angel track down those in need or those in danger. He is half-human/half-demon, a fact which only Angel knew, since Doyle had a crush on Cordelia and didn't want his true identity to ruin things between them. However, in the ninth episode, "Hero", the truth was finally revealed and Cordelia and Doyle decided to go out on their first date. However, a group of half-breeds like Doyle himself were under threat from a group known as The Scourge, whose mission is to kill those with blood of humanity. Realising that he's the only one that can prevent it, Doyle passionately kissed Cordelia - which contained a little more than romance - and sacrificed himself to save his friends.